Real World Experience Makes a Difference

Who knew that there could be so many types of hot dog equipment? That’s what I asked myself when I began writing a buying guide for the WebstaurantStore with classmates from my Advanced Public Relations class. Working with the WebstaurantStore was such a great opportunity to gain real world experience and learn about the foodservice industry.

With any PR project it’s important to meet with the client before starting the project. Our class met with the Smallwares Content Manager, Mike Good and the Digital Media Director, Emily Smith. Through this meeting we were able to learn about Clark Associates, Inc. and how the WebstaurantStore started. We also learned a little more about the project we would complete for Web. Mike and Emily explained that buying guides serve as a tool to inform customers about a specific topic within the foodservice industry; the guides help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Our clients also went through the key components of a good buying guide and then we got to choose our topic for the guide. My classmates and I decided on writing a buying guide about hot dog equipment.

After the meeting, my class had a good idea of where our project was going. However, we were a little worried about actually writing the guide. We knew nothing about hot dog equipment or how it fits into the foodservice industry. It didn’t take us too long to learn about the different types of hot dog equipment and uses. Through research we were able to get a better idea of what the content for the guide would look like. From here we began to create our outline for the project. After our outline was approved we began to write the buying guide. It was crucial for us to include SEO keywords related to hotdog equipment throughout the guide so that the guide would rank in organic search results.

Our buying guide went through three major revisions before we moved into actually adding content to the website. The review process was a great way for me to receive feedback on my writing from individuals currently in the field of writing and communications. After our content was approved my class had the opportunity to “build” our buying guide on the back end of Webstaurantstore’s website. This process helped me gain valuable lessons in HTML and proper layout design.

I’m proud to say that our Hot Dog Equipment Buying Guide is now published on Webstaurantstore’s website. Working with an actual client made publishing my writing a reality. It’s a great feeling to know that my writing will directly affect purchasing decisions of restaurant owners and other foodservice companies all over the world. This project also led me to a content internship with WebstaurantStore. Now I get to write great content every day with a great team! If you are looking for great real world experience, consider applying for an internship or job at WebstaurantStore. We would love to have you!

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