An Athlete and a Scholar


Matthew Strubinger is a student athlete at Elizabethtown College. He is part of the Track and Field team where he runs Hurdles and throws the Javelin. Matt has to balance his time between track and field and his studies. Matt is a Political Science Major with a minor in Communications. In order to get an idea for how Matt is able to keep his grades up as well as be part of a sports team, I interviewed him and asked him some questions.


Matt Strubinger was born on March 14, 1998 in Lehighton Pa. His parents’ names are Gerald and Carolyn and he has an older sister Katrina, who goes to college at Rider University. Matt grew an interest in sports as a young kid. He played football in high school and also ran indoor and outdoor track.  He was also a successful student and he strived to get the best grades he possibly could in high school. Matt had a job in high school as he worked for his local bridge crew.


    When asked how he is able to keep a high GPA as well as devote time to track and field, he answered, “You gotta work hard and play hard. You have to set goals for yourself and always put the work first. Sometimes I  study during weekends as well as on bus rides home from meets.”

In order to get a feel for what Matt’s favorite part about going to Elizabethtown College is, I went ahead and asked him. He answered “I really enjoy being a part of the team because I have met so many friends. My friends that I have made are truly my favorite part of being at Elizabethtown College. I love hanging out with them and playing kan jam with them.”

Teammates opinion

A fellow team member of Matt’s, Curtis Reynolds, was asked about Matt.  I asked Curtis how much of a good sport he thought Matt was and how he thought of him as a fellow athlete. “Matt is always very respectful, especially towards his competition. He always leaves everything out there on the track. He is also very respectful to the coaches and never talks back to them. I honestly think the guy is captain material for next year,” says Curtis.


I wanted to get a feel for what it is like for Matt when he is overwhelmed from school and track. I wanted to see whether or not Matt had trouble in school or if he had a tutor. “I have a tutor in Stats because it is my weakest subject. The tutor helps me get through class and  make sure that I have a good enough grade in the class.” Matt intends on keeping his grades up throughout his college career as best as he can to solidify a decent job in his field of study.


Matt is overall a hardworking individual who loves Elizabethtown College and competing in Track.  Matt is well respected by many people at Etown college. He loves his field of study and intends on keeping it for all four years of college.







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