Humans of Elizabethtown College

Kenneth Berkenstock




The Life of Olivia Mcintosh

From the soft unfamiliar face, the words laid the foundation describing this young woman’s life “My name is Olivia McIntosh and I am 19 years old.” This student at Elizabethantown has prevailed a lot in her short life, moving from persons to person impacting each one. Originally from Harlem, New York, Olivia’s life growing up was heavily influenced by the city scene that surrounded her. With her mother’s decision to move into the suburbs of northern New York, her life blossomed into many different, and new opportunities. by moving to the suburbs, olivia not only had more space to clear her thought but also found a love in running. by running everyday she was able to clear her thoughts and focus on her school work. With the beautiful countryside that surrounded her, and the wild animals all around she slowly became more intriguing and thoughtful over time. When discussing how she managed to decide what was best for the next chapter of her life, she stated “ I knew that my love of science would draw me to a school that could support my needs for taking me to the next level.” Her deep understanding of what needs to be done, took her to the next level at a young age easily sets her apart from her classmates. Not only does her wisdom of life allow her to approach it in such an ambitious way, she also has a very deep understanding of her own live and self worth. “ I am a person who walks the line between Introverted and Extroverted, in other words, Ambivalent. This balanced personality helps me be the great person who I believe I am.” The college life has only helped further shape her beliefs of life and what she should accomplish, it has helped her place value in the many friends that surround her. Talking to one of Olivia’s close friends, Kayla Patone stated, “Olivia’s true friendship from the start made me realize how somebody should truly treat you.” In less than a year Olivia has positively influenced those that have realized just how much of a  true friend and person she is. Though she may come across as a closed of isolated person, she does like to enjoy herself, “ I love hanging around people, enjoying large or small groups of company, I love outdoor activities and I love having something to do in general all the time.” although  Olivia loves her friends she does appreciate being alone with her own thoughts periodically, she feels that for one to truly understand themselves, personal reflection is the best approach. When asked to describe herself , she felt that “attentive, empathetic, compassionate, rough, strong-willed, stubborn, well-rounded, and open” all best summarize her personality and best quality. When asked why, her response was quite thoughtful she resonded with “These personal traits turn me into a person who is an Optimist, a Realist and also a Pessimist. They also turn me into a Liberal, someone who agrees with Democrats but also agrees with Republicans. The traits all represent that i am a  ambiguous person .” With asking Olivia how she feels about her life and whether or not she thinks that much has been accomplished, she had a very simple response. “I am an achiever and I’m a person who knows when to stop and when to go. I cannot tell you where I will go from here, but with the positivity I have brought along with me, I can tell you I have always put the best foot forward for the betterment of not just myself, but those that surround me.”

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