Humans of Etown: Nicole Blyth

“Mainly I just want to travel and explore the world while getting paid” first year student Nicole Blyth said when asked what her goal was at the end of the next three years. For the International Business student from Mars, no not the planet, but the town right outside Pittsburgh, coming to Elizabethtown College was almost a no brainer. The International Business program at Elizabethtown cannot be compared to other schools of the same size, so despite having to travel about four hours every time to go home, the program made the train ride well worth it.

Home in Mars includes a mom and dad, Patty and John, as well as brother Steven who is 22. He may be her only biological sibling, but as for “adoptive” ones, Nicole has another brother Daniel. Daniel is a sixteen year old foreign exchange student from China. After Nicole headed to college, her parents added him to their family for the school year and he has quickly made his way into everyone’s hearts. If you ask her to talk about her family and favorite people, Daniel is bound to come up.

Most days, Nicole can be found in the library after class, or working in the Center for Community and Civic Engagement, but her favorite place on campus is her bed; “Ummm I don’t know where I like the most, my bed i guess” she said with so much laughter that we both ended up tearing up. When she cannot be found studying hard or taking a nap, she can be found at Bible Study on Wednesdays with Campus Crusaders for Christ (Cru) or at large group with the organization on Thursdays. Besides being involved with Cru, Nicole is heavily involved with helping the local environment with the schools sustainability project. The project is composed of mostly business students who are looking for a way to make the college as a whole more sustainable. This includes information flyers and tables that give information to students about how they can easily recycle right on campus. Each of the organizations she is involved with shows her desire to help the community both locally and globally.

On nearly every Elizabethtown tour, students hear about the close and homey vibe of the school and Nicole would have to agree; “I think my favorite part of the school as a whole, besides the business program, would have to be how close I’ve gotten with professors” she said. Nicole described the school as truly being her second home because she can not just head home on weekends like some students. Not only has she created close bonds with her professors but has also formed bond with many Cru ladies and recalled her favorite memory so far as the woman’s weekend trip that took place a few weekends ago, in Ocean City, New Jersey. Nicole has seemed to settled in to her first year with grace, and has a bright future that will likely consist of traveling the world and getting paid, as well as making a difference wherever she lands.

Nicole near the Community and Civic Engagement Office

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