Humans of Etown: Deon Williamston


“So once upon a time, I was about ten years old, during the summer time– and I lived in Georgia, I wasn’t in Pennsylvania, so it would usually get hot down there– so to kind of remedy this, I would go to the park a lot and ride my bike.

And so, during the midst of riding my bike, I found a sharp pain in the back of my neck and I had no idea where that came from.

So I hopped off my bike and looked around and I didn’t see anything, so I looked at the ground and I saw there was a dead bumble bee.
So that bumble bee attacked me out of nowhere for no reason.

Ever since then, every time I see a bumble bee, I decide to get twenty feet away from it, so…

Lesson learned: bumble bees are evil. Stay away. Never go near one of them. Don’t trust them. They could be cute and cuddly, but… They’re evil.”


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