Humans of Etown – Izzy Fondelier

First-year student Izzy Fondelier being filmed for her interview.

Check her video:

“When I was in like middle school I had a pet guinea pig and his name was Critter. I know it was super original. We had these four foster kids and the one little girl said “Izzy I haven’t seen critter come out of his house in awhile.” We were trying to get out of the door so I said “It’s fine , it’s fine.” Then that night I went to go feed my guinea pig lettuce he really liked lettuce so i put it in there and was like “Critter, Critter.”He didn’t move and he had an igloo that he lived in and I shook it and he did not move. I started to get really panicky and I remember lifting up the igloo and he was just laying there and you could see the indent in his fur. So I was like really upset and started crying and I didn’t know what to do and so I just sit there crying. I went upstairs to my parents bedroom and keep in mind its 2 am. I shook my mom awake I say “Mom!” She goes “What? What?” andI say “Critter is dead.”My mom says “No, he’s just sleeping.”I was like “No mom I tried waking him up and moving him, he’s stiff and like won’t move.”My dad wakes up and is like “What’s the matter?”I say “Dad, Critter is dead.” And he goes “No he’s just sleeping.”I say “No he’s not Dad! He won’t move! I tried moving him, he’s dead.”He said “He’s fine just go back to bed, we’ll deal with it in the morning.” You know being in middle school I was traumatized because my parents were just like to not worry about and my pet was dead. I left him there like my parents told me to so I went upstairs and I cried myself to sleep that night. Then my mom got up for work the next morning and she realized that the guinea pig was actually dead so she felt really bad and she buried him. The rest of the day I sat where his cage was and cried, all day.”

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