Humans of Etown: Eli Perry

Eli enjoying the sun on the BSC patio.

“Ok so, at my old house in Maryland. We had a pool and a turtle swam into the pool filter one night…two turtles. So we tried to keep the turtles as pets in the kiddie pool, but one of the turtles escaped. And we kept the turtle as a pet, with water and leaves and grass and dirt in the kiddie pool and we fed it worms that we dug up from our backyard. Ummm, yeah, so then, we moved to Connecticut and kept the turtle for a while and my friends and I we would feed it and watch it eat. And sometimes we would catch frogs in our yard and put it in our kiddie pool and watch the turtle chase it around until he frog got tired and then the turtle would eat the frogs. And it would eat it from behind and squeeze all the guts out the mouth. Then, one winter, we put the turtle in the garage for winter so that it could hibernate and we didn’t really look or try to take care of the turtle for the whole winter because it was hibernation. Then, in the spring, we take the kiddie pool out of the garage on a sunny day to make sure it’s alive. And, when we take it out, its head it sticking out the shell and its front legs are hanging out of the shell, but its back legs are in the shell and it’s not moving. We think that maybe it is still asleep for the winter, but after a while it is still not moving and we realize it is dead. Turns out we didn’t give it enough dirty and leaves to hibernate in, so in the freezing cold Connecticut winter, it froze to death. Then, we took the turtle and buried it in the backyard and marked its grave with a rock.”

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