Humans of Etown: Katie Freed

Katie sitting in the Community and Civic Engagement Office

“One time I was at the beach with my family and I wasn’t getting a lot of attention so I was going to be upset I was like this is so annoying, I just wanted to get attention. So my mom and my cousin Jody were like do you want to come with us to the pier? I was like wow, I’m so cool and I felt like such an older kid I was probably 6 or 7, I was like: yes I wanna go to the pier with cousin jody, cause I always looked up to her. I was like a chubby kid just generally so it was like a far walk, so I’m like huffing and puffing and weezing and we are walking down this pier and I fall and my toenail comes off so now there’s just blood gushing everywhere and we are about 6 miles from our house so they have to carry my chubby bum. All the way back to our house and it’s just gushing like the whole toenail came up and some cause I stepped on it, like I stubbed my toe on a nail and so they like carry me back with assistance obviously but both my arms around their necks. and came back all about all the showers were taken except for the bathtub with my twin sister so they just plopped me right in, the water turned red very quickly and she freaked out and then I put my toenail under my pillow that night and got a dollar.”

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