Reviewing Rainbow Six Seige

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Reviewing Rainbow Six Siege

Describing a game in which one blows open a family room as a strategic play, you would have Rainbow Six Seige.Today siege has taken a much different approach of a 5v5 attack and defense. The strategic first person shooting online experience takes place between well-equipped military special forces squads on tight civilian building based maps. A unique take on strategy and smart play over simply run and gun aiming gives a distinct feel,often unavailable from games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Sometimes figuring out which door to simply barricade, or even blow open, can be just as impactful.

From its very humbling beginning, Rainbow six has attracted the following of the ever hungry gaming community. A very dedicated team of developers, along with a connected community, rainbow is the epitome of what every gamer hopes their virtual enjoyment can be. Though not all was perfect for the now highly acclaimed game. Since its launch in 2016, Rainbow Six Siege was plagued with a multitude of issues that. From bugs that sent the player going through the map, to not even being able to load into a lobby for hours at a time. A lack of backing from the community, along with doubts of the game even being looked at again by the developers after launch, Rainbow very well was once considered another game with high expectations with very weak results.

Though this would change within a year of release. Developers at Ubisoft noted the games “great beauty” couldn’t go unfixed. After a year of going through and fixing bugs, nerfing over/under powered operators, and unfair objective placement on maps, Ubisoft had laid the pieces for one of the most enjoyed games, even till this day. Rainbow now boasts one of the longest records of continuous online gameplay since its launch. Adding free DLC content has also helped boost the community backing of Rainbow. Most Developers elected to start charging for additions for their games, this has often lead to a split community.

With the continuous effort of the developers at Ubisoft, Rainbow has more content then most ever expected, essentially a player can play both with multiple different operators for attack and defence, never once finding boredom. The game currently has 40 different operators, each with his or her own special ability, forcing both the teams to play to each operators strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses. The right combo with your team can be deadly, but the wrong combo can leave a team easily off balanced. Strategy is everything when it comes to rainbow. A good shooter may be able to take down an opponent or two, a good strategist can easily clean out an ill prepared team.

Rainbows different operators bring about the true uniqueness of the game. When looking at the operator, depending on the approach taken by the player there are two key components, armour and speed. A more heavily armoured player will be more of the tank with attack, or the main objective defender. With a more speed based operator, rushing on attack or roaming while your team is defending is the more effective approach. With looking at attack, Ash is considered one of the most effectively used operators. Her high speed, dangerous carbine, and grenade launcher ability has earned her the position of the most used operator in both ranked, and national Rainbow tournaments. With defence, Castle is definitely a major contributor with his metal bullet proof barricades. His well balanced design of speed and armour, along with a highly accurate carbine has also earned him the place of most used defender.

No matter what your reason for playing Rainbow Six Siege, the game is undeniably a well designed first person shooter. Its uniqueness with maps and complex strategic thinking with playing, has enticed a new renaissance of gaming. With only having 40 of the 100 expected operators, Rainbow has a long way to go. This may very well be a greatly rated game now, but one can only imagine what else can be done to improve the game.Image result for rainbow six siege

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