Etown’s Got Talent Review

On Friday April 6, Elizabethtown’s second annual Etown’s Got Talent took place. The show was run by the sophomore class of 2020 with Emily Perry and Ethan Waugh hosting. I did not particularly like their hosting because it felt very childish. Etown’s Got Talent consisted of nine acts that performed their unique talents while competing for first, second and third place.

The first act was titled “This is Me” which was performed by Sara Palatnik and Cheryl Errichetti. Beautiful singing and piano playing accompanied the dancing to “The Greatest Showman’s” popular song. The two women looked content and strong as they gave their emotional and empowering performance. When they finished, they were greeted by applause from the crowd. I really enjoyed how each women brought their talents together.

The second act “Avian Dance” was performed by Joseph Wunderlich. He played an original song on his guitar that was not only very soothing but wonderfully written. The song was very soft and relaxing and, not a sound escaped from the crowd as Wunderlich played. I felt the emotion that was being portrayed throughout his act.

The third act was titled “Beating of the Box” and performed by John Duttenhofer. Duttenhofer had a brilliant beatboxing act that surprised many in the crowd who watched in awe as Duttenhofer was able to create music just by using his mouth, making unbelievable sounds. Duttenhofer showed his different skills and performed different songs. I was not expecting Duttenhofer to perform as well as he did.

The fourth act was titled “Get Out of My Life” and performed by Josh Fishman. Fishman played electric guitar while singing an original song, showcasing power and soul. The crowd cheered as Fishman played encouraging him on. I did enjoy this song and I was glad to see another person expressing their emotions through music.

The fifth act was titled “You and Me (But Mostly Me)” and was performed by Dylan Warner and Hannah Paymer and was a recreation of the broadway hit “The Book of Mormon.” Their act was silly and the two did a great job telling a story of a male character who feels inferior to all of those around him. The act was playful and the two performers had great chemistry. This was my least favorite act. I felt that it was too dramatic and silly, but I also do not know anything about the musical.

The sixth act was titled “Rising” and was performed by Elise Stendal. This is an original song that Stendal wrote and currently has a music video on Youtube for, showcasing her amazing voice. Stendal had a strong, beautiful voice that told a story of how she found her strength in times of darkness. Stendal’s voice was my favorite of the night. I really enjoyed the message behind her words and felt that it was very encouraging.

The seventh act was a different. It was a juggling performanced by Brad Vasilik. Vasilik used different objects to juggle, even getting on a unicycle to showcase his tricky and difficult talent. Vasilik even juggled in the dark with glow in the dark balls. It was very entertaining and stood out from the previous music acts. I was glad to watch an act that did not involve singing. It felt fresh and was entertaining.

The eighth act was titled “You Raise Me Up” and was performed by Megan Stone. Stone showcased her strong and powerful voice, filling the auditorium with the beautiful song’s meaning. The audience joined in and waved their phones in the air casting light on the singer while she performed in the now lit stage. I enjoyed this act and particularly liked the audience’s interactions.

The ninth act was titled “Hunter & Friends” and was performed by Hunter Reiner, his father, and his friend. The trio played rock and took up the whole stage, constantly moving around to the beat of the music. Hunter took over the drums from his dad and had a solo in the middle of the act proving that not only was he talented at the guitar, but was very talented at the drums as well. I enjoyed how comfortable all of the participants seemed as their performed. It felt like they have done this before.

The show came to the end and it was time to announce the winner, voted by the crowd. In third place, was Vasilik and his juggling act, in second place was Stendal and her beautiful song, and in first was Reiner with his Hunter and Friends act. Hunter accepted his award and his father looked unbelievably proud of his son who not only showed Etown his talent, but showed his passion for music as well.

Elise Stendal’s second place trophy

All of the participants entertained Etown students and should be proud of their talents.

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