Love, Simon: The love story for a new generation

Coming out to your loved ones is hard. Especially when you don’t know how they’re going to react. Luckily, everyone in the LGBTQ+ community has some inspiration: Love, Simon. The movie came out on March 16, 2018.

Love, Simon focuses on Simon Spier, a closeted gay kid in high school. He learns on the school’s message board that there is another gay kid at school and they start emailing back and forth, using pen names. Simon’s world starts spinning out of control when the emails get leaked onto the school’s message board. But in the end, Simon finds out who the other gay kid is.

I really enjoyed Love, Simon. I thought it was a great movie and it is the first major studio film to focus on gay teenage romance. I know from experience that coming out is a difficult thing to do. I wasn’t sure how my friends and family would react when I told them that I was bisexual. But just like Simon’s friends and family, they are very supportive, which I’m grateful for.

Love, Simon has helped a lot of teens (and adults) come out to their families. They know they have something they can identify with. A very close friend of mine has only come out to two people, her brother and I. Her brother took her to see the movie the day after it came out, and they both loved it. It helped her know that it is okay to be who you are. It also showed him what being an ally is like and how he can support her.

The soundtrack for the movie was good as well. I knew about four songs in the movie, but listening to the rest really fit the concept.  The songs are upbeat and fun, but they are also about romance. Artists include Justin Bieber, Troye Sivan, Khalid, and The 1975, all of which are current in the pop music today.

One of the things that really stuck out to me during the movie was how Ethan, an openly gay man at the school, was being treated by his classmates. They were bullying and harassing him, taunting him, and even asking if him and Simon were together. It made me think about my high school and how there weren’t a lot of openly gay kids. The one transgender kid at my school was bullied though. I also really like that they made him a person of color. There are a lot of books and comics and musicians out there coming out as gay, which is great, but there aren’t as many people of color coming out. Which makes it hard for them to have someone to look up to.

Simon also must face daily struggles of being a teenage boy. He tries to figure out who the other kid is while dealing with keeping his friends by his side, his family close to him, and the torments from the school bullies. I thought it was nice to show these different aspects to high school life, especially since that’s what most teens go through after coming out. When they see the movie, they will see that Simon, even though he is a fictional character, had to go through it as well.  It gives them hope.

All in all, I thought the movie was amazing. It showed what it was like to be in the LGBTQ+ community and what being an ally is like. The soundtrack is upbeat and fun. The actors are talented and made you believe what was going on, as well as how diverse they are. The storyline is relatable and positive.

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