Humans of Etown 2018 Dr. Katherine Hughes

By Brianna Titi and Miranda Fedor

Dr. Hughes, Assistant Professor of Communications in her Office in Steinman, Room 206

Brianna: “Hello, can you please tell me your name and how long you have been working here?”

Dr. Hughes: “Certainly. My name is Dr. Katherine Hughes and I’m an Assistant Professor here at Elizabethtown College. I’ve been here… this is year four.”

Brianna: “Can you please tell me what your most memorable moment at Etown is?”

Dr. Hughes: “Sure. I enjoy graduation, the commencement ceremonies. I enjoy seeing our students and their families being able to celebrate all their hard work. So for me, I think it’s getting together on commencement day. Everyone’s there to celebrate and honor the hard work that they’ve done. So for me, probably commencement.”

Brianna: “Thank you for your time.”

Listen to the podcast of the interview here:

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