Blue Jays take lead, only to end in loss



Inning 8. Elizabethtown Blue Jays are down 0-1 to Penn State Harrisburg. Derek Manning, sophomore, doubled which resulted in a RBI, allowing Taggart Hess to score, tying the game 1-1.

Anthony Lippy, number 17, was the starting pitcher for Elizabethtown, while Brandon Riggs, number 34, was the starting pitcher for pitcher for Penn State Harrisburg. The first inning ended with zero hits from either team, making the score 0-0.

In the second inning, Casey Winters, number 19 pitcher and first base, got a single for Penn State Harrisburg, which was then followed by Miguel Torres, number 1. Penn State Harrisburg left the bases loaded after their final strike. Now it’s time for the Elizabethtown Blue Jays to bat. James Kantner, junior, was able to give the Blue Jays a single, but that was as far as they got. The end score of the second inning was 0-0.

In the third inning, Riley McGinley, a sophomore, was able to get a single for the Blue Jays. He later steals second and tags up to third base. At the end of the third inning, the game was still tied 0-0, with Elizabethtown having one guy on third base.

Casey Winters was able to get to first base during the fourth inning. He advanced to second base during a wild hit later on in the game. While Miguel Torres doubles the RBI, Winters scores for Penn State Harrisburg, taking the lead 1-0 over Elizabethtown. Once the Blue Jays were up to bat, Nick Lorenz walked to first, eventually stealing second base. The score was 1-0 at the end of the fouth inning.

Penn State Harrisburg didn’t get any hits during the fifth inning. Riley McGinley, of Elizabethtown, walked to first, while Taggart Hess singled. By the end of the fifth inning, the score remained 1-0.

Ryan McSorley, from Penn State Harrisburg, singled in the top of the sixth, with Mike Christy, from Elizabethtown, throwing error. Everyone was safe, with Penn State having guys on first and third base. Christy, a junior, reaches first base on error, but no score. This ends the inning 1-0.

Tyler Aug, a sophomore at Penn State, in the top of the seventh inning, eventually stealing second base. Elizabethtown didn’t get any hits during the inning, keeping the score the same.

In the eighth inning, Jared Witner, a junior, became the pitcher for the Blue Jays. Taggart Hess singled, while Colby Smith, senior, sacrificed a bunt. That ultimately led to Hess advancing on second. Manning  doubled the RBI, allowing Hess to score. This tied the score 1-1 for Elizabethtown. Brennon Snyder, a senior at Etown, tripled the RBI, leading Manning to score, Etown leading 2-1 at the end of the eighth inning.

Winters singles at the top of the ninth inning. Torres tripled the RBI shortly after that, tying the game 2-2. Chris Iocca, a senior at Penn State Harrisburg, walked up to first, with Scott Angstadt, a junior, doubled the RBI. This gave Penn State the lead over Elizabethtown.

The game ended with Penn State taking the lead 3-2. Elizabethtown had six hits in the entire game, while Penn State Harrisburg had nine.

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