The Blue Jays Men’s Baseball team were defeated by the Penn State Harrisburg Lions in the eighth inning on Saturday at their home opener of the season.

The stands were packed on the first warm Saturday in quite some time. The previously scheduled games had been postponed due to rain, so the large attendance came as no surprise “I had plans to go to the other games, but at least the weather is nice today for the game” said first- year Emily Webb.  

The game started off slow, with a 0-0 score through to the top of the fourth inning until a hit by number 19, Casey Winters, for Harrisburg made the score 1-0.

The Blue Jays did not back down holding out until the bottom of the ninth when sophomore number 33, Derek Manning, hit a double sending junior number 10, Taggart Hess, home; tying up the score.

The game would not stay tied for long, Manning would help the Jays take the lead, making the score 2-1 Blue Jays.

However, the Jays were not able to hold on to the lead for much longer, and by the top of the ninth, the Lions took over the lead and the win scoring two hits back to back making the final score 3-2.

Post-game, players were optimistic about the future. Senior Nick Lorenz said,  “The loss was disappointing, but it was a good team effort for the most part.” The pitching for the game overall by players Anthony Lippy, Jared Witner and Kelly Holdren, but the hitting left something to be desired.  “We were missing the final piece” said Lorenz.

Colin Slenker had similar remarks, “We had good pitching performance. We are better at the plate,” he said.  

Even with the loss, the team remains strongly bonded. Sophomore Tommy Armstrong, who is out for season with a knee injury said, “They are my brothers. We are brothers from another mother.” Armstrong was also disappointed by the overall loss, but sees that there will be hitting improvements in the future.

The Blue Jays are still early in the season. Continued hitting practice will grow the team and should lead to improvement. Then the hitting game will line up with the good pitching performance.

A beautiful day for baseball!

Check out our short podcast on the game!

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