First Win of the Day for Cloud 9

Cloud 9 was able to pull out a swift win against Clutch Gaming at the end of a 34-minute League of Legends match. The team was on a two lose streak for the day until their final match against Clutch Gaming, making their end of day record 1-2. This also left Clutch Gaming at a 1-2 win lose ratio for the day.

Tension was high as the match started, all the players were in their spots waiting for the minions to spawn, and waiting to see who would make the first move. The first kill went to Cloud 9 in the middle lane. The next to go was Clutch Gaming’s player Solo against Cloud 9’s player, Licorice, but Solo was able to take out Licorice with a burning effect that lasted after Solo’s death.

The first turret to go was Clutch Gaming’s right lane turret at 14 minutes; Cloud 9 then proceeded to the second right lane turret and was also able to knock it out. While Clutch’s bottom turrets were being taken out, they were able to take out Cloud 9’s first top turret as well as their second one, evening the teams up.

At 22 minutes both teams are still even in the way of turrets but Cloud 9 is up 5-2 in the way of player kills. They were then able to make that 7-2 with an amazing double kill by Licorice.

Cloud 9 was making a team push in the middle lane 33 minutes into the game. They were successful with a stunning triple kill, and they were able to take down their last middle tower, now leaving Clutch Gaming with its two home towers.

Cloud 9 continued to push at 33 minutes and 25 seconds for the win and took out the two home turrets leaving Clutch Gaming’s crystal wide open and with no one from Clutch responding it was easy to tell that Cloud 9 was able to take the win.

The game ended at 33 minutes and 42 seconds. In after match interview on YouTube with Cloud 9’s Smoothie he was asked how it was going into the final game of the day with the team mentally tired, he explained, “at the end of the day you got to do what you got to do”. He was then asked why he thinks he was called the MVP of the game, he responded “I don’t think I was the MVP, I do think we all need improvement as a team though so we can pull out more wins.”

All the competing teams are going to have to regroup and re-strategize for the next games if they want to make it to the semifinals.

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