C. Thompson Scores Hundredth Goal in Loss to Marymount

Senior Carly Thompson, center,  runs down the field during Elizabethtown College’s recent women’s lacrosse game against Marymount University.

The highest jersey number on the Elizabethtown College women’s lacrosse team is 99, but senior Carly Thompson can go higher. Thompson scored her hundredth career goal Wednesday, Feb. 28 at Wolf Field as the women’s lacrosse team lost to Marymount University 18-13.

Thompson’s goal came with 14:34 left in the first half and tied the game at four points each. She didn’t know it was her hundredth goal at the time, but enjoyed the moment nonetheless.

“It was cool. It was shocking,” Thompson said after the game.

Thompson knew she was close to 100 goals at the end of last season, but became more focused on recovering than scoring after tearing her ACL last year. Now she is intent on playing as much and as well as she can during her final season.

“I was so proud of Carly,” senior Katie Thompson, C. Thompson’s twin sister and fellow lacrosse player, said in an email. “Reaching 100 goals isn’t just about this season, it’s a milestone for her entire career.”

The game started off on a good note (literally) as a blue sweatshirt-clad dog in the audience whined along to the national anthem, making some of the few dozen attendees laugh.

The laughing stopped as the game remained close in the first half. Marymount was first to score, with senior Abby Wescott scoring against Etown junior goalie Abby Kopytko under two minutes in. Wescott also scored her hundredth goal in Wednesday’s game. C. Thompson scored thirteen seconds later in the first half, tying it at one each.

No team led by more than two points in the half. Other early Etown scorers included first-years Emily Garvin and Kate Ziegler and junior Madelyn Baker, who finished with one, four and three goals, respectively.

A few falls and penalties on both sides and vocal teams and spectators also marked the first half. One Marymount parent loudly encouraged a player who fell to “stay on [her] feet” and “be athletic!”. Marymount junior Jessica Crew scored the last goal of the half, bringing Marymount up eight to seven.

“It’s a really close game. There are definitely some high tensions out there,” sophomore spectator Megan White said at halftime.

The game remained close until partway through the second half, when the Saints pulled away for good. Wescott’s hundredth career goal, scored with 21 minutes remaining, brought Marymount up 11-8. Ziegler scored the game’s last goal with 5:36 left. After that the Saints maintained their lead, leaving the final score Marymount 18, Etown 13.

Etown is now 1-2 for the season. Marymount left the game undefeated at 3-0. Etown outshot Marymount 36-22 and Kopytko had three saves.

“We watched the film and have come up with a million things to improve from the Marymount game,” K. Thompson said. Still, she said she is proud of how well the first-years played.

“Honestly, I would have taken a win instead of an announcement about the goal but that’s okay,” C. Thompson said.

Click here to listen to a podcast interview from the game!

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