Etown Lacrosse: 100th goal for Carly Thompson

Senior Carly Thompson celebrated after scoring her 100th goal of her career following Marymount’s defeat February 28. Thompson was not aware that she achieved this accomplishment, “I honestly had no idea,” Thompson said, “It was pretty cool.”

It was a beautiful evening for a game. The crowd was cheering for each respectable team.

Thomson brought the game to a tie at 1:46 during the first half with each team having one goal. At 22:03 the Saints had the lead with the score being 4-1.

Thompson’s 100th goal brought the teams back to a tie at 4-4.

Madelyn Baker scored shortly after that, giving Elizabethtown the lead for the first time since the game started. Baker scored again three and a half minutes later bringing their score up to 6-4.

The crowd showed their support, hoping the team could keep the lead.

Liah Agouras of the Saint’s scored her first goal of the season bring their score back up to 6-5. With Backer’s help, Etown tied the game again with the score being 6-6.

Kirstin Quilty, a senior lacrosse player, admits that it’s been sad playing knowing that it is her last season.  “Playing lacrosse has had a huge impact on my experience here. It has helped me to be more cognizant of my time management. I also think that it has helped me to be a hard worker as well as take criticism well. I also think that playing lacrosse has helped me live a healthier lifestyle,” Quilty said, “To incoming players, I would like them to know that there will be ups and downs always but in the end, it is completely worth it. Make a goal every day to make a memory.”

Right before half time, the Saint’s scored two more goals making the half time score 8-7.

The second half of the game started, and Marymount scored three goals before Katie Thompson, Ziegler and Thomason added three more goals for Etown bring the game to yet another tie.

With yet another tie, the crowd cheered endlessly giving the players words of encouragement.

Jess Pron, an Etown student attending the game, commented on how intense the game was.

“They’re doing pretty good, the season just started, and I think they have a lot in them,” Pron said.

The Saint’s called a timeout and after which they scored six consecutive goals making the score 17-11. Thompson scored again with only 6:35 left to go. Bridgette Stacom from Marymount followed with her own score, continuing the Saint’s six-point lead.

Thomson ended up with a team high of scoring six points during the game. Backer had a hat trick.

This is Thompson’s last season as she is a senior for Etown. When asked what advice she would give to rising freshman, Thompson said, “Play like it’s your last season every season.”

“I think we did play well together and were taking strides forward,” Thompson said, “Everything is a lesson.”

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