Relay for Life

     On March 23, 2018, Elizabethtown College will be hosting relay for life to promote cancer awareness. This event will be held at Elizabethtown College, at the Thompson Gymnasium.  There will be luminaria available to anyone who makes a donation. These luminaria represent those who have been battling with or have lost their lives due to cancer.

 The event will be featuring an opening ceremony where someone will talk about the event in detail and its purpose. After that, there will be a walk in which people who donate to the organization, can participate. At the end of the event, there will be a closing ceremony in which someone will honor all of those who have been affected by cancer in any way.

Colleges against Cancer is an organization which is located at Elizabethtown College and is in charge of organizing the event. The organization is made up of students who are to attend meetings in order for everything to get done before the event in the spring.

When AJ Calabrese was asked what he was doing to prepare for the event,he responded by saying, “ I attend meetings and I am told to attend these meetings every monday at 9 PM. “ Calabrese also then went on to discuss the goals of the organization, as to how much money they plan on raising. “ Our goal this year is $55,000 but we have only been able to raise $5,000 this year so far.” When asked how much money he has raised so far, Calabrese said,” I’ve personally raised $15, but I plan on raising more before the deadline.”

Some of the sports teams here at Elizabethtown are involved in Relay for Life. The softball team for example, has its own team for relay and all of the players were told by their coach to raise $15 each. When asked how much money she raised Amber Sergas said, “ I’ve personally only raised $15, but some of the other girls on the team have raised a lot more. “ Sergas also then went on to say, “ the coach strongly encourages us to raise as much money as we can.”

Bree Komiskee, who is also apart of the Colleges against Cancer foundation was asked how much money she has raised so far and she said,” I have personally raised $25 and I am happy with that amount!.” The students who are involved in this organization, have all had to donate some amount of money in order to be apart of the organization.  When asked how the organization going to be sure that it meets its donation goals, Bree said, “ everyone is going to have to step their game up and try to raise more money. I personally am going to have to start asking more of my friends and family to give donations.”

With all of this being said, Relay for Life is going to be here before we know it. There is a lot to still be done, as well as a lot to look forward to in this upcoming event.


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