Posing For Your Health

Yoga. Tai chi. Zumba. Water polo. These were all classes held for the employees of Elizabethtown College. They wanted to have a way to destress and unwind during their lunches.

The yoga class for staff and faculty is held in Royer Basement Fitness Studio. The class was organized by the Employee Wellness Team, in an effort to get the employees healthy and active during their lunch break.

There are two different sessions throughout the semester; the first one starting in January 2018 and the second one starting in March 2018. Both sessions last about seven weeks of the semester. The registration fee for the sessions is $30.

The class is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:05-12:50p.m. Anyone is available to join, regardless of your experience with yoga. Tammie Longsderff, the Assistant Director of the Learning Zone, recently joined the class. “There was a lot going on last semester, and I felt like I needed something to help clear my head.” She said. Tammie has never taken a class like this before.

Susan Krall, an employee of the Employee Wellness Team, remarked that they started the class to help the employees, and that yoga was the only class they tried that stuck around. “We had a lot of people sound interested in yoga. We have anywhere between 17 to 20 people in a session.” Ms. Krall has been doing yoga since the program started here on the campus. She’s been doing it for stress reduction and for better flexibility.

Bex Williams, a sophomore art student at the college, took a yoga class last semester. They enjoyed learning new poses and attempting to get flexible and healthy. “It was a challenge, but I liked it. I only started yoga last semester. And I’m not the best at it.”

Ms. Krall had some encouraging words for those that want to try yoga for the first time. “Give it a try and don’t give up. It’ll be hard and will take some time, but you will get better.”

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