Throwback Story as a thanks to Professor Connolly

Professor Dan Connolly helped change the perspective of journalism for aspiring sports writers in Com 370.

Despite spelling errors in my blogs, along with posting two minutes before the deadline, Connolly  always inspired me to enter the sports industry. He emphasized how serious it was, that misspelled words can leave you out of a job.

His guests, Jeff Lantz and Brittany Ghiroli, work in professional baseball and gave us advice on how to approach jobs after graduation.

So as a thank you to Professor Connolly for his dedication and brutally motivating critiques, here’s a throwback feature story about him, from an alumni luncheon last year.


– Newspapers Could Quickly Vanish Soon, and Migrate To Digital – 

, Dan Connolly believes that in the 17 years he has been writing for newspapers, the push for digital tabloids could quickly change global journalism.

Since graduating from Elizabethtown in 1991, Connolly became a baseball reporter for The Baltimore Sun – covering the Baltimore Orioles for ten seasons. Connolly loves his job and says there is nothing else in the world he would rather do besides write – but understands that his medium is rapidly changing.

“I’m in my forties so I still read newspapers,” Connolly said referring to the change between paper and digital tabloids. “Older generations may still be used to a physical paper whereas the younger generation can easily look up an article on their phone or on their computer.”

The Baltimore Sun as well as a majority of newspaper websites, have a paywall on their website that makes the reader pay for a subscription to read a certain amount of articles and if not, you would normally not gain access to the site. The paywall system denotes an example on how newspapers may migrate to the digital age and likely costing consumers more to read online than to receive a physical copy.

Readers of online media has access to video, live interviews and stats, whereas a paper copy of an article only gives you the story of the game, a photo and the box store. Connolly noted that reporters who are assigned to a sports game have a deadline to meet and breaking news stories to write quickly where it can be posted and on the top page of Google News for quick searching. It shows the upside that the digital media has over tabloids that can potentially change several jobs around the world.

But despite the current rise and impact of digital tabloids, Connolly believes there will be some space for physical newspapers in the near future due to the popularity it has and the connection it brings to certain people.

“I think newspaper the genre will stick around because I think people will still want a different voice.”

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