The Good and the Bad in Cannoli’s Class

            Entering this class in the beginning of the semester, I was excited to learn about the world of sports journalism and what it takes to be successful in it. Overall, I think I learned what I wanted to, whether I enjoyed doing the assignments or not.

            The assignment I liked the most was the midterm assignment when we had to do a Q&A with a professional in the sports world. I enjoyed assignments like this and others that included interviewing people because I feel like that is an important skill to have in the professional world.

            Another thing about this class that I enjoyed were the guest speakers that came in or face timed us during class. I learned a lot about each of their professional fields and it helped me get an idea of what I want to do. Which is nothing to do with sports journalism.

            Other than that, I couldn’t stand writing the blogs every week. I ran out of ideas after the first four and struggled to hit 500 words, which will probably happen with this blog. And always forgot to do them until 10:30 at night on a Thursday when I’m already in bed.  Another thing I learned about sports journalism is that I am horrendous in front of a camera and couldn’t look more awkward doing a stand up video if I tried. So Cannoli, I apologize for putting you through that awkwardness when you watched my video.

            I definitely think that the class would have benefitted from a couple work days leading up to when our final project was due because of the amount of work we all had going on in our other classes. Besides that I feel like we had plenty of time to finish every assignment. Except for that horrid game story activity that you made us do in class. I was so flustered during that 30 minutes and I’m pretty sure I forgot how to read because of how rushed we were. I’m very thankful that assignment was not graded because I probably would have had to drop the class after that one.

            In the end I do think that I improved as a writer in this class and became more comfortable standing up and speaking on the spot, so I guess that’s a good thing to take away from this class. Thank you Don Cannoli for a fun semester and hopefully we didn’t make you hate teaching that much.  C

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