Com 370

The reason why I took this class was to better understand the field I wanted to go into my whole life. The Sports Journalism class kind of served as a wakeup call for me. I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster and I was adamant that nothing was going to stop me in my journey to becoming that. Until I took this class, I was able to speak to professionals who told me that it is a tough business to get into. When I thought about it more, I figured out that where I am in my life, I don’t need competition. What I do need is a job to help paying off student debts. Since talking to some people, I have figured I will reconstruct my future to go into Athletic Communications instead of broadcasting because the jobs seem to be there more than broadcasting. It’s a bitter pill to swallow because I have been working to become a broadcaster for eight years and I would do almost anything to become a broadcaster after this winter is over. That is just one of the many things this class has taught me throughout the semester.

I came into the semester knowing it would be a class that I needed to work hard in because of how it was structured. I am someone who never did well in school and I really wanted to leave a lasting impression this semester. But, as the semester went on and I just couldn’t get my act together to fix silly little mistakes, my work ethic dropped significantly. I only have, myself to blame and it sucks that my best work to show for this semester was about an eight or nine. That was just one struggle I had through the class. The second struggle comes with keeping up with work. I feel like the pace of the class was fast and I sometimes am okay with that. But, as the semester went on I started getting worked up with how much work I had in this class on top of my three other courses. It turned into prioritizing which class meant the most to me and since I wasn’t taking this class for a grade my work fell down the ladder and didn’t get as much attention as it really deserved.

There is a lot of things I liked about the class though. For starters, I really enjoyed talking to some of the big names in the sports industry today. Especially Gerry Sandusky. I thought he was the best guest because he had such an interesting story. Not only his story, but his job is what enticed me the most about him. I also enjoyed the blogs when I had the time to think and write what I wanted. I would’ve really enjoyed taking this class when I was a younger student and when I had more time to dedicate to each class. Unfortunately, I was not able to show the best me and I really wish I could have.

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