Digital Sports Journalism – Semester in Review

In reflecting on this semester’s Communications 370 Digital Sports Journalism class, I found the course to be enjoyable, and there were many parts of the course that I benefitted from. Writing became less of a chore and more gratifying, and I feel that my writing has improved overall. We had the opportunity to meet several interesting people in the industry. Finally, I learned some things about myself as well.

First, writing a weekly blog which entailed having a Thursday night deadline to meet every week was beneficial to me. After getting into the swing of writing on deadline during the first week or two of class, the weekly blogs were something that I found myself looking forward to writing every week. Sometimes it was mentally challenging to find a topic to write about every week that people would enjoy reading. Nevertheless, it turned into an intellectually stimulating activity to turn out 500+ words every week on a topic related to sports. I would not mind continuing the blog on a weekly basis. However, I would turn it into something that was more along the lines of what I feel and experience on a weekly basis and not necessarily have it always revolve around sports.

I did learn a lot about myself in this course as well. People say that by taking classes, you might discover something that you would be interested in doing for the rest of your life. Other times you will find something that you most certainly would not be interested in doing the rest of your life. This class was the latter. Although I enjoyed this course, I learned that I couldn’t be a sports writer for the rest of my life. Personally, the amount of content that sports writers produce daily, whether they are in their off-season or during the season is mind-blowing. I have tremendous respect for the writers who can turn out that quality content for a living; however, I am not one of them.

Over the period of this semester, Dan Connolly brought in some interesting guests that were friends of his in the sports writing field. We were able to have intellectual conversations with the people that visited, and in my opinion, Connolly’s guests were a welcome addition to the class. They gave us further insight into the sports writing and reporting field. I feel that they were important in the context of the class, and it was interesting to have their perspective on the industry in addition to Connolly’s perspective.

I do believe that throughout the semester my writing skills have improved. Through repetition and writing in different ways and in different formats, I have become more confident in my writing ability. I do admit that sometimes my writing is not the best, but it has developed from where it was at the beginning of the semester. It proves the old saying that practice makes perfect, and high-intensity, diligent, consistent writing over the course of a semester will, in fact, make you a better writer. In my opinion, this class although challenging at times, was worth taking. I learned many things, not only about myself during this course, but also about my skills and improving as a writer.

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