There’s More to Writing

This semester has taught me a lot about the field of sports journalism. I have also gained great insight on what it is like to work in the sports industry. I learned that this may not be the path I want to take. However, this class helped me to remind myself how much I love to write.

Throughout the semester we were tasked with writing weekly blogs. We also had other writing assignments as well. Even though I did not like every assignment I feel like I learned how to write for news again. I’ve spent the last year of my school career focused on more academic papers. I think I forgot how to write the blog and news style of writing. I was reminded of how important every detail of a story is.

With that being said my writing throughout the semester has seen great improvement. I am thankful for that. It has been a long time since I have written creatively. For me throughout the fall, writing has been another outlet and something I hope to continue to do.

This class was a great way to build my portfolio, even though I faced challenges with some assignments. I learned that it is important to leave enough time to proofread/re-read your work five times. Sometimes mistakes would still get by me, this way frustrating beyond belief.

There is more to writing than just a formula. It is about telling a story. I forgot how to tell a story because I have been an academic paper machine. Writing is about getting your facts correct and double checking. I am thankful for the opportunity to improve my writing this semester. I hope to keep writing for a long time to come.

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