Humans of Etown – Cam Wirth, Jake Mengel, and Justin Shurr


“A bowl a day keeps the projectile vomit away.”

When asked about his story,  Cam Wirth simply talked about cats.

Justin Shurr

What inspired you to come to college in the first place:

“Well I figured it was the right thing to do. Everyone told me to go to college, so I figured I’d listen. As far as Etown is considered, I visited, and I really liked the small campus. I liked how homey it felt, and everyone seemed very nice, and when I visited I had a good experience so I pursued it.”

What inspired your major:

“Once I came to school I took a bunch of gen-eds Freshman year, and I decided to take intro to communications. I was very interested in the subject matter, and thought it was an interesting class, despite Dr. Helb. You know, I thought I’d pursue it further, I thought it seemed like a lot of fun and an interesting major.”


Jake Mengel

What inspired you to go to college:

“I just always knew it was part of the plan. I knew I was gonna graduate high school and go to college, I never thought I would do anything other than that.”

What inspired your major:

“When it comes to traditional subjects like math, reading science, and social studies, math actually came the easiest to me over the other subjects. Therefore, it is the one that I enjoyed the most.”

What do you plan to do with your major after graduating

“I plan to use the degree to go into the field to work for some sort of business. Either to go into operations research, or work on their statistics in general; but I don’t want to get into the boring details that most people don’t care about.”

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