Humans of Etown – Sam Morykan


It is likely that most people have noticed Etown junior Sam Morykan walking around campus; even if they do not know her. Her favorite color is black, and she lets everyone know.

Morykan is the second youngest of six children in her family. She comes from a very small place called Hellertown, about two hours from Etown. She is a Psychology major, and has been interested in the topic since she was very young. Her parents, who both tended bar, always encouraged her to go away to a college university. Her father tried to do so when he was younger, but ended up, “majoring in keg tossing.”

Both of her parents finished high school, however only her dad went to college, even though he did not finish it. Her mother went straight from high school into the restaurant business. Eventually they ended up bartending together. They heavily encouraged all their children to go to college. They did not want their children to have similar hardships to them.

Morkyan is the first child of her family to go away to a four-year college. Her oldest brother, Sean, graduated with a degree, however his education was through online purposes; he never got the college experience. Morykan’s parents insisted on her going to college to get that experience, instead of simply gaining a degree through a computer.

When she was young, Morykan recalls having very vivid dreams and nightmares. She checked out a book at a library called, “The Interpretation of Dreams,” by Sigmund Freud. She was interested in learning about them, and this book is the main reason she is a Psychology major today. She finished the book, and it sparked a plethora of thoughts in her head.

Morykan began to think about how the human brain works. The book taught her that dreams are based on your subconscious. She found it extremely interesting, that you could tell what is happening in someone’s subconscious by examining their dreams. She wanted to discover more, but found there was a lack of information. She was amazed that there is so little known about the human brain. “We spend all this time in science trying to understand what we see, when we do not understand ourselves.”

Morykan accentuates these thoughts about the brain by delving into a Gender Studies minor. She finds the process of identity development interesting. She says that she herself questions her own sexuality and gender identity, and that gender studies would help her explore those areas of herself better.

These two majors tend to be how Morykan lives her life. She tries to spark meaningful conversation with friends, and tends to touch on taboo topics to inform and argue. It is not uncommon to hear her arguing about politics; however, it is also normal to hear heated debates about her favorite video games

Morykan came to Etown because of the small-school atmosphere. She wanted to be able to talk to and get to know her professors. Because of the way she holds conversation, she likes being able to talk to them like colleagues, instead of professors.

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