Elizabethtown Serving Refugees


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The people are known for the strong faiths that backbone their communities and more recently known for their volunteer organizations that assist around Two – Hundred refugees yearly.

Elizabethtown Students are no strangers to service and were eager to pick up the mantle. Charity Good describes how she has contributed…

“I’m with the Civic Engagement office and worked in the mentoring student program. Worked with Students from McCaskey High School. So a lot of them and their families came in from the Nepali are. So I got to meet them and learn just a little bit about their stories.”

Along with volunteering directly with families, Christie Syrdahl explains there are plenty of opportunities on campus for students to get involved…

“We’ll do fundraisers or go to Supermarkets in the area and do food drives raising culturally appropriate food.”

Many of Lancaster’s refugees have come from Nepal, Syria, and Bangladesh. Will the increase in population from these regions raise any eyebrows? Rita Eisner shares her thoughts…

“I definitely think it puts a lot of pressure on the city itself. But I think taking in refugees is something important.”

Change comes with knowledge. Elizabethtown students are always looking for knew ways to assist the refugees in Lancaster. I’m Shane Bahn. Back to you at the Beak.

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