Previously, it was against Elizabethtown’s alcohol policy for minors to be in the presence of alcohol. However, the Committee on Alcohol and Regulation felt like this policy conflicted with the SWAG’s responsible drinking messages. SWAG encourages students to drink with a designated driver or sober student. Therefore, Etown’s policy changed to accommodate alcohol-free minors. To keep up with the new policy, the campus has implemented Checkpoint Alcohol Tests. However, many students are unaware of the new system.

“Um I don’t know my guess would be like sault crystals.”

Checkpoints work by breaking a glass container and blowing across white beads. If you have been drinking these beads will turn a blue green color. If you have not been drinking these beds will stay white. If the checkpoint test proves you have been drinking, Officer Powell warns that there will be consequences.

“So if the test shows up positive it’s because there’s been alcohol in your system. So really only ask for these tests if you know that you haven’t had anything to drink that night or even that day. So if it comes up positive we will have no choice but to refer you.”

To take a checkpoint test, students can either raise their hand or approach a campus security officer. Officers will not give out checkpoint tests unless asked. Students 21 and older will not be given checkpoint tests because they are not in violation of state or school policy. Officer Powell explains how this test works.

For any further questions consult the student handbook or contact the director of campus security, Andrew Powell.

Reporting for The Beak I’m Andrew Smith.

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