Elizabethtown Men’s Soccer wins despite injuries

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Penn State Berks field after the Blue Jays leave with a win

Despite three starting players being injured the Elizabethtown Men’s Soccer team defeated Penn State Berks Wednesday, October 11.

Gilbert Wasso, JD Haaf and Mitchell Gochnauer were all injured for the game against Penn State Berks. All of them are top scorers for the team. Wasso is suffering from an ankle injury, Haaf from a torn ACL and Gochnauer is recovering from a blood clot in the thigh. Although these players were out, the team still won 2-1.

The first goal was scored in the first half with 23:00 minutes left by Junior, mid-fielder, Tyler Colasanto with the assist made by first year, Duncan George.

This was Colasanto’s first goal of the season. He is a normal starting player and contributes a lot to the team.

“It felt good to get my first goal of the season, felt like pressure was taken off my back,” Colasanto said.

This goal was matched with 12:55 left in the first half by first year forward of Penn State Berks, Brendan Valverde. The teams battled it out for the remainder of the game until there were 3:22 left when senior, mid-fielder, Scott Hess scored with the assist from Colasanto.

While this game was not a conference game and will not affect the standings of the team within the conference, it served as a confidence boost. The team found their strengths and were able to overcome the serious injuries that were effecting the game.

“I think our team got a little bit stronger because of this, now we had to play as a team and not just rely on starters to make it happen on their own,” Haaf said.

As both teams felt under pressure in the second half to break the tie, the players started to play more aggressively and other injuries were inevitable. First year starter and forward, Reed Browning was struck in the nose by the elbow of a Berks player with 23:00 minutes left in the second half. He was forced to come off the field for a bloody nose. Fortunately, Reed returned to the game with 12:01 remaining.

It was a team effort to win the game and the players have confidence in the players who come in for injury.

“Injuries happen so we have to be prepared for the next person to fill in for whoever went down,” Colasanto said.

Last year the Blue Jays defeated Penn State Berks 7-3. Coming into this game the team was confident and quickly had to get determined once the game was tied up.

“The team came out way too relaxed because of the previous year’s score,” Haaf said.

By the end of the game, Berks had taken fifteen shots but the Blue Jays had only taken seven yet still were able to prove their precision and get the points.

The next game to be played by the Elizabethtown Men’s Soccer team will be on Saturday, October 14 away at Goucher College.

To hear the interview with Colasanto, click here.

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