Changing Temperatures On Elizabethtown Campus

Temperature in the dorm rooms at Elizabethtown is always an interesting debate, especially the time between Fall break and the start of Winter. JayTalk’s Zach Klinedinst has more on this.

ZACH KLINEDINST: As Spring changes to Fall, and the temperatures outside go through unpredictable changes, the comfort of students at Elizabethtown College becomes of a much greater concern. Some students become creative in how they keep themselves warm, while other attempt to keep themselves cool once the air conditioning units are removed over fall break.

CAM WIRTH:  “Uh I don’t think it’s too terribly cold. Um, initially when they took the A/C’s out it was really, really hot. I don’t think…I don’t think they should like them out. They should just leave them in and just let ’em use them…let you use them whenever you want to. ”

KLINEDINST: Because of the changing weather, it is difficult for facilities management to keep control of the temperatures in the dorms, so they fluctuate from day to day.

MIRANDA FEDOR: “But I mean the one night I did get cold. But then like last night it was really hot so I can tell, or at least I can understand how it would be like frustrating to sit there and like play around with it all the time. ”

KLINEDINST: The policy at the college is that the heat does not turn on until the daytime averages reach into the sixties. This can cause major differences in temperature. Some nights it may even drop down into the fifties in students dorm rooms. This can make students very uncomfortable.

GENE WERLEY: “I see where they’re coming from but you have to look at it from the student standpoint. That if you know, if it’s forty degrees outside the walls are pretty thin it’s going to be pretty cold in your room, so…”

KLINEDINST: The school’s energy policies are in place to save as much electricity as possible. New LED lights have been installed, as well as other energy-saving devices such as occupancy sensors. The temperature standards are part of this policy.

As students struggle with temperatures the heat will eventually turn on and make sure everyone has a slightly more comfortable winter.

For now it’s up to students to regulate their temperature in any way they see fit. For JayTalk, I’m Zach Klinedinst.

Hopefully students on campus can find some different ways to cope with the changing temperatures.

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