OSA Students Working to Entertain ETown, S-W-E-E-T,  had their annual Midterm Meltdown on Wednesday night six to nine p-m in the Blue Bean.  S-W-E-E-T student programmer Mary Kondash shared what theme it was this year.

Mary: “Every year there’s a different theme. This semester our theme is Breakfast at Etown, which is a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired theme. We have a lot of blue, we have a lot of pearls.”

Not only were there food to munch on and coffee to drink, OSA also included a coloring table. This table allowed students to make colorful cards for the children staying on the Pediatrics floor in Lancaster General Hospital. Senior Bryn Yunick explains what you can do for them.

Bryn: “The cards are for the children there and students here can fill a card out, put a fun happy saying on them, make a little picture drawing. Then we will collect the cards and bring them when we go visit.”

The Blue Bean was filled with student studying and enjoying all the free food and treats. These included a table filled with veggies, yogurt, fruit, granola, tea, and of course coffee.  Freshman Austin Hall .  Bum-bray is explains why she enjoyed her first midterm meltdown.

Austin: “This really helps because the coffee helps you study if you’re trying to stay awake when you’re studying for an exam or trying to write a paper late at night. Also, the fresh fruit because it’s a healthy snack to eat.”

Cat: Because of the stress of midterms, SW-E-E-T puts on this event called Midterm Meltdown. It’s a nice way to destress with fruit and coffee and to chat with some friends. Reporting for ECTV-40, I’m Cat Papili.

If you missed this semester Midterm Meltdown don’t worry. Check next semester for a new theme and a new arrangement of treats.

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