Taste Test: Part Two of the Apple Bake-Off Challenge

Five teams, five apple desserts and one winner. Smells of apples filled the air in our fellow teammates apartment, as the first-annual apple bake off challenge tasting was about to start. Each of the five teams brought something different to the challenge and surprisingly there were no apple pies.

If you remember last weeks post, I promised I would share the results of our team apple bake off. Here are the results along with my pick for favorite apple dessert.

Our team decided to have three categories for awards, best taste, best presentation and most creative

1.Best Taste – The winner for best taste was the “apple fries” group. Much of our team liked this dessert because it was like a “bloomin’ onion” but in apple form. The apples were coated in what tasted like cinnamon/brown sugar mix and fried in a frying pan. This group also offered three different dipping sauces for the fries including, chocolate, white chocolate and caramel. Honestly, this really did taste like what I thought a fried apple should taste like, sweet and savory.


2. Best Presentation – The peanut butter apple pizza took the award for best presentation. This dessert just looked visually appealing with a sugar cookie crust topped with peanut butter, apple chunks and chocolate chips. Everything on this nice and round pizza was evenly distributed. It also has the perfect balance of peanut butter and apple, there wasn’t too much of one thing.


3. Most creative – My group won for most creative apple dessert with our spooky monster apple bites. We were not originally thinking about making the bites into monsters but it turned out really cool. This recipe was fairly easy to make, all you really need are apple slices and some melted chocolate. We added some toppings for an extra kick of flavor. The monster bites are chocolate covered apple slices drizzled with either peanut butter or caramel, topped with pecans, pretzels or sea salt. Sometimes we mixed some of the toppings together. My group also added decorative candy eyes to make them more “fall themed”. Overall the bites were delicious, but very rich. Lots of chocolate for one slice of apple!


Even though the above three were picked as the team favorites, my personal favorite was the apple cream cheese bundt cake. This was a recipe passed down to one of our teammates from her grandmother. It just tasted like one of those recipes passed down from generation to generation. I loved when I would get little bites of apple or cream cheese while eating it.


There were no hard feelings when the winners were picked. All of the desserts were delicious. With the tasty treats in our belly we were ready to sit down and continue our team bonding with a Halloween movie.

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