How to help a college student get to Football Sunday

As a college student, I know a thing or two about both being unorganized… and organized. Some background on me as a college student, I am a Corporate Communications major, freshman year I was working two jobs, and starting the sophomore year I was working three, all this while going to school full time. I would rather watch Netflix or hang out with friends rather than do homework (which college kid doesn’t.) Going into Junior year, I cut back on jobs but overloaded my schedule to try and get more credits out of the way. Now here we are, fall semester senior year, I work two on-campus jobs, and have a regular school schedule.

Freshman year, I never thought that you would need to plan out the majority of your day and even your evening, boy was I wrong. I quickly being a hot mess and started to stress about things that I did not need to stress over. I also forgot assignments… thus not having the best GPA at the end of freshman year.

Going into sophomore year, I had to change how I approached school and becoming organized; I started with the planner that the school gives you… that lasted, two weeks if I was lucky. Fall semester of sophomore year I feel back into my old ways of just trying to remember what is due not being too successful I might add.

Spring semester I talked to a bunch of my friends and asked how they deal with it all, and how they keep things straight in their minds and keep everything organized. They said the same things I have tried… planners, but one of my friends told me about a company that you can make a personalized planner. I decided to try it… couldn’t hurt, right?

Junior year came with a newly personalized planner in hand; I was ready to take on what would be my busiest year yet. I promised myself that I would try longer than a few weeks, and what did you know, it worked! I stopped missing assignments, and I have a weekend to do the things I love to do! Like friends on Saturday and football on Sunday, there wasn’t nearly as much running around last minute trying to get everything crammed in.

Throughout the rest of the year, I was on top of myself to write in my planner for every class. My grades went up, and my stress level went down. It was great!

I continued to use my planner making a new one every semester, and I have also added a to-do list notebook to my daily organizational routine. Helping me stay on top of school and work, and extra-circulars. I have now been able to keep all Sundays during football season open, and available for me to enjoy with my family.

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