The “Humans” of Etown: Meet Sushi and Snickers

Sushi is a mixed Maine Coon therapy cat that not only resides in Founders, but in the hearts of its residents. Maine Coons are known for their big and carrying nature, but Sushi is something special. She enjoys sleeping on her owner’s face and napping her day away.

When Sushi is not participating in her much needed cat naps, she can be found traversing her domain in the evening. Such activities include grooming her long luxurious fur, biting her owners until they feed her and causing havoc in whatever way she can. Her favorite form of trouble making is hiding and refusing to come when called, which generally causes her owners to scramble in panic in fear of her somehow escaping the room.

During an interview with Sushi, her curious nature shined through as she began to wonder off in search of a mysterious sound. Yet, Sushi is not the only four legged resident of Founders.


Snickers waiting for her owners to feed her after knocking a box down.
Snickers waiting for her owners to feed her after knocking a box down.

Snickers, Sushi’s cat neighbor from down the hall, also is a favored spirit in founders. Snickers was the first cat resident of the floor that year. Having been adopted from an elderly woman, Snickers is more laid back than her energetic counterpart.

Where Sushi has a playful aura about her at all times, Snickers makes her presence know by “chirping”. It is unknown why she does so, but her owner knows that her vocality is her way of wanting attention: something that she wants often. When Snickers is not begging to be pet, she is known to be a cat with a sly mischievousness to her. She has a habit of knocking things down with such meticulous skill, that nothing is safe from her. At times this can be a nuisance to her owners, but even then it is something that brightens their day.

When she is playing around, she can be found grooming herself almost obsessively without fail. The only time she is not grooming is when she is begging for food or sleeping. Snickers’ sleeping habits include sleeping on her owner, sleeping while waiting for her owner to return, and sometimes sleeping belly up.

Although both cats have their own little family within their owners, they enjoy broadening their horizons by making new friends whenever and wherever they go.

“Meow, meow, (chirping),” said Snickers. One can only assume she was saying to visit them anytime.

Snickers chirping and meowing
Snickers chirping and meowing

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