Humans of Etown: Henry Golden

Group: Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams, Kim Morris, and Lauren Poland

-Video transcript-

Pleasant: What is your name?

Henry: Henry Golden

Pleasant: What is your major?

Henry: Mechanical Engineering.

Pleasant: What is your favorite class this semester?

Henry: I would have to go with construction of engineering.

Pleasant: What do you do for free time?

Henry: Free time, I usually play video games and hang out with friends.

Pleasant: Any favorite video game?

Henry: Not any in particular.

Pleasant: Do you have any extra hobbies that you do?

Henry: I play the electric bass.

Pleasant: Nice! What got you interested in the bass?

Henry: Well my brother used to play and he went off the college a couple of years before I did. So, I saw it laying around and figured, “Why let it sit there and gather dust.”
Pleasant: Nice. Thank you.


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