Humans of Etown: Joey Kobus

“My long term goal and career aspirations are to be the most charismatic and persuasive person I can possibly be.”

If you’ve ever been on campus, you have probably heard someone, somewhere, yell “Joey Kobus!” The reason that this could be heard around campus, is due to the fact that Kobus may be one of the nicest people that one person could meet. He has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone, all they would have to do is ask. Many students on campus are quite fond of Kobus and his infectious personality.

Joseph Kobus is a rising junior at Elizabethtown College, who is originally from Collegeville, PA where he lives with his mother Kim, and younger brother Hunter. Kobus would describe himself as “A dashingly handsome Political Science and Japanese double Major.”

Kobus plans on applying for the Japanese Exchange Teaching Program (JET), where he will be teaching English to Japanese children for a year or two. He also plans on pursuing a career as a lobbyist.

“I needed a small school that offered Japanese but that left me with very limited options. Etown was the best of the three options.” said Kobus. “I like the atmosphere  here at Elizabethtown and the nature the campus has to offer.” He also loves the faculty and students. “My favorite memory of Etown is TGIS this year.”

His three favorite things in the world are Corgi’s, Kendrick Lamar, and Kim, his mom. “I am a momma’s boy through and through.” His hobbies become quite clear when one enters his dorm. Kendrick Lamar and Rap posters cover the wall closest to his bed. As far as Corgi’s are concerned, in Kobus’s mind, there is not a better looking dog. In his down time, Kobus can usually be found scrolling through near endless photos of Corgi’s.

Joey Kobus is a charismatic, fun loving Poli-Sci/Japanese double major  who livens up the Elizabethtown College campus each and every way he can. Next time you see Kobus, my fellow students, be sure to say hello.


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