Saving Private Ryan

In a movie that is full of what it really feels like to be in World War II it never gives you a boring moment. Saving Private Ryan stars Tom Hanks as Captain Miller and Matt Damon as Private Ryan in this thrilling movie about the struggle a group of soldiers go through to get the last member of his family home. Throughout the movie, you get a real sense of history and the struggle that soldiers went through during these times, whether they were American or German.

Saving Private Ryan’s plot deserves recognition all on its own. With a story that really pulls you into the movie and doesn’t ever let you forget a scene, Saving Private Ryan is one of the best movies you could ever watch. The scenes in this movie are always action packed and the interactions between the soldiers shows both a bond of brotherhood and a struggle of trying to get home themselves.

Saving Private Ryan has some of the best acting I have ever seen. Casting Tom Hanks (someone who has a real appreciation for World War II and history) was a brilliant move because you can see that he really embraces his role as a captain in the army and as someone who cares about his men. The other actors in the film such as Matt Damon and Vin Diesel, also do a great job at expressing their characters within this movie by using their experience to show what it truly means to be a soldier.

As for the cinematography, nothing was cut short. Full of amazing special effects, it really seems as though real bombs are being used and bullets are actually being fired at the actors. The lighting in the movie was a perfect combination of natural and artificial which fully outlines the dread and misery of wartimes.

Saving Private Ryan is an American classic. It is a film that should be considered one of the best films in a generation. For me, this film gets five stars, a 10/10, and two thumbs up. I would definitely watch it again if I were given the option and I think you should watch it too. Trust me when I say, you won’t regret it.saving private ryan

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