DBZ Double Feature Review

Goku in His SSJ God form (Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo) GIF made from Digital Copy of Film

Dragon Ball couldn’t be a bigger hit today. With the success of Dragon Ball Super, the newest series in the Dragon Ball saga, the Dragon Ball Legacy has been a storm since the last two movies came out.

Dragon Ball is about the adventures of a kid named Goku on the hunt to find the mystic dragon balls and when all seven are collected the person who summons the dragon from them is granted one wish. This series ran for five seasons, but then it’s brother series Dragon Ball Z took over. Dragon Ball Z(DBZ) was still about Goku who was now grown up with a family and a son. DBZ focused more on action scenes then mystical adventures like the original series did. DBZ ran for nine seasons with 15 movies to its name. The latest two movies are what I’ll be taking a look at.

Battle of Gods was released during the month of august with a limited run. It takes place right after the defeat of Majin Buu. Goku is busy training on King Kai’s planet when he’s told about Beerus the god of destruction waking up from his 39 year nap. Beerus had a vision when sleeping about a rival for himself, something called a super saiyan god. He learns of Goku being on King Kai’s planet and decides to pay him a visit to learn more about the saiyan race and this so called super saiyan god. When they arrive Goku has to hide so he doesn’t try and fight with Beerus, but after getting called out of hiding and introducing himself Goku asks and Beerus accepts the challenge. Goku goes straight into his strongest form Super Saiyan 3 and tries to land a punch on Beerus, but Beerus clearly shows why he’s the god of destruction. He takes Goku out in two hits leaving him in a status of pain till Beerus leaves to go towards earth and find out more information from the other saiyans still alive.

That was a lot to talk about and that was only the first third of the movie. I won’t go into anymore details because it’s a must watch for anime fans and DBZ fans. It respects the material it spawns from and gives it new life to a series once thought dead. I give DBZ movie 14 Battle of Gods an eight and a half out of ten. Now let’s continue this show by looking at the next DBZ movie Resurrection ‘F’.

Resurrection ‘F’ was released on April 11th, but only released around the nation during the month of August. This movies takes place a few months after Battle of Gods making these two movies a pair. Two aliens from outer space are having trouble running their operations to take planets and sell them. They have to resort to resurrecting their boss Lord Frieza to help them with this task. When the pair do revive him, Frieza wants nothing to do with their plans and wants to get revenge on the saiyan who killed him: Goku. During this time Goku and his rival Vegeta have been training on Beerus’s planet with his attendant Whis. While training Whis tells the two they need to start moving without thought and their fighting will improve, while all this is going on a new character in introduced to the audience. Jaco the galactic patrolman comes to earth to warn Bulma, a friend of Goku and wife of Vegeta, about Frieza’s arrival on earth in a few days. Trying to get their attention on Beerus’s planet Bulma tries to call them with a strawberry sundae to give to them, but it doesn’t work and the rest of the Z-Warriors(earth defenders) to try and hold of Frieza and his army before Goku and Vegeta arrive to help.

Again this is only around one-third of the movie. If I go on and try to tell the rest people won’t go and watch the movie. This was a very excellent follow-up to Battle of Gods, but some of the fight scenes use a lot of computer animations and looks like a video game from 2015. Aside from that it’s still a good movie for the DBZ fans. I give this movie a eight out of ten with my own personal recommendation to go and watch these two movies.

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