Leggings: A Misconception

If leggings or jeggings were pants, do you know what they would be called? Pants. Leggings have become socially accepted as pants, so many people consider them just that.

“Leggings and jeggings are not pants. People try to make them into pants  – you can’t! A pant is a pant and a jegging is a schmatta,” said Adam Glassman, Creative Director for Oprah Magazine.

For those unaware or stuck within the false reality where a nylon-lycra blend is a garment, leggings are not pants or even close to being considered such. Although the definition of pants, according to Webster is “an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle,” this still does not justify that leggings or jeggings are pants. Leggings are a covering, yes, but fall into a category all their own. Pants and Leggings are two separate entities. If leggings and jeggings are pants, then frozen yogurt is ice cream and camels are horses.

Leggings aren’t even the worst of it. Their offspring, jeggings, is the true conundrum. For jeggings in particular there is even less of an argument. Jeggings are designed to look like jeans. Yes, you read that correctly, designed to look like jeans. Jeans are pants, thus making jeggings an impostor.

If jeggings are pants and we then continue following this form of logic, having the famous Van Go

gh painting “Starry Night” printed on your nylon leg covers makes it the one and only masterpiece.

On the contrary however, the other side to the argument is clear and has some valid points as to why one would chose to believe that leggings are pants. Emily Grunsby, resident of Allenwood, Pennsylvania believes that leggings are considered pants but can see why some would say otherwise. “They’re not something I would wear to a job, but going shopping or going running around I’d wear them.” said Grunsby.

In brief, leggings are not pants and neither are jeggings, though they may be seen as such. They are a category of their own.  Hopefully this may have brought you out of your abysmal nylon-lycra fantasy world, and shed some light on this issue. It’s up to you as the reader to decide where you stand.


Pants or Something else?
Pants or Something else?

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