Etown Dominates on Senior Day, Wins 17-1 Against Goucher

Buffeted by wind and cheered on by crowds of parents, the Elizabethtown College women’s lacrosse team pulled off an impressive victory during Saturday’s game against the Goucher College Gophers, winning 17-1 and leading a shut-out for most of the first half.

The Blue Jays opened the game on a strong note, with senior Allison McLamb scoring within the first minute of the game, and continued their streak throughout the game, scoring twelve points in the first half of the game. Goucher’s Alyssa Long, a freshman biology major, scored once with 14:52 left in the first half, but couldn’t get a leg up on the Blue Jays, who scored twelve points before

Goucher’s first-year Alyssa Long, scored once with 14:52 left in the first half, but couldn’t catch up to the Blue Jays, who scored twelve points before halftime, and rounded up five more before the end of regulation.

The Blue Jays lacrosse battles both the wind and the Goucher Gophers
The Blue Jays women’s lacrosse team battles both the wind and the Goucher Gophers during their April 1 game

The women’s lacrosse team at Elizabethtown, established in 2002, has had an impressive season, racking up eight wins in nine games with their victory against Goucher, who has been a tough opponent in previous years.

“Our team is doing so well,” said junior Carly Thompson of the season. “This game last year, we won by one goal, it was 5-6…it was crazy.”

Thompson scored one of two hat tricks during the game, along with senior Addie Stang. Ultimately, Thompson scored five goals over the course of the one and a half hour game, but credits her success to the hard work of her teammates.

“I score because our team gets it back to me,” Thompson said. “And our goalie does crazy good saves, and our defense holds up…without the defense I wouldn’t have the time, I wouldn’t have the chances to score.”

Coach Danielle Taylor expressed confidence in her team, saying that they had drilled the team well after the tight win last season.

“We were pretty confident going into it that we would have the end result that we did,” Taylor said. “Not only that, but their emotions were pretty high because it was Senior Day, and so they were ready to show up and give a good show.”

Assistant coach Taylor Frombaugh agreed with Taylor, noting that their plans ultimately worked out in the Blue Jays’ favor.

“After watching film and preparing the girls,” Frombaugh said, “I think our game plan, we executed it very well.”

Taylor also noted that her team has succeeded in spite of hardships, after the team suffered a rough period for the last several seasons.

“This team has gone through so much in the past four years,” Taylor said, “That I think they just take every game for what it is…I think they’re still just focused on the next one that’s coming and treating each as its own.”

The women’s lacrosse team will play their next games on Wednesday, April 5, at home against Stockton University, and Saturday, April 8, at Drew College.

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