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Servant Stage Company’s Little Women.

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“It’s so unique, once you walk in the door, you just know something is different.”

It’s a different door and a different stage every night. “I like to say we bring the theater to the people rather than people coming to the theater,” Servant Stage Company’s Artistic Director Wally Calderon said.

Servant Stage Company shows travel to nursing homes, parks, and church across Lancaster County, with one mission in mind. “We strive to inspire, to educate, and just to reach anybody, reach everybody and to make family friendly entertainment available,” Calderon said.

The company’s most recent show was the Broadway musical Little Women, adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel. “A book that everyone has read at some point or another,” Calderon said.

“I think the show itself is so special,” said Heather Reed, who plays Beth March in the show. “It is such a good representation of what the novel is originally. They take the characters and they are real, and they have so much honesty and life in them, which they still do in the musical.”

“If you think seeing a live performance is too extravagant, the performers here say, pay what you want.”

“So truly anyone can come see the show who wants to, a family of ten can come see the show and if they’re not able to provide financially, that’s fine with us,” Calderon said.

“It’s gotten to the point that you can’t go to a baseball game unless you’re wealth, you can’t go to a theater with a full family unless you’re wealthy. Servant stage is doing something in their small way to change that,” Jon Rider said, who plays Mr. Laurence.

But even though they have this pay what you want policy, the cast members are still professional actors. “I can like promise with servant stage it will be just as good if not better for what you would be paying somewhere else,” Reed said.

And with each new show, both the cast and crew stick to the company’s mission of service.”

“That is to bring the best entertainment that we can to those who really can’t afford it or can’t get out to see it,” Rider said. “I mean the pay is the smiles.”

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