What was the most interesting moment of the Super Bowl?

On February 6, 2017 a random poll was conducted on Elizabethtown College asking for the participants’ favorite moment of Sunday night’s Super Bowl. The results were a near 50/50 split between the actual game and the half-time show.

Many people were shocked by the results of the big game, most everyone expecting the Falcons to win. Some were mad, like Ryan Sagedy, junior, said, “The Falcons had a huge loss and I really expected them to win.” Others were generally surprised. Artist-in-Residence, Mr. Cullen’s favorite moment was the Patriot’s comeback.

For those who had no major interest in the game itself were invested in Lady Gaga’s Half-Time performance. Sarah McCollum, senior, was delighted by ‘the Face Guy,” the guy who’s face was zoomed in on during the show. Dr. Badgerow enjoyed Lady Gaga’s close to the show when she jumped off stage and caught a ball.

All in all, the general consensus is that the Super Bowl this year was quite a memorable event.

-Kenyon Tarquinio, Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams, Colin Friel, and Maggie Boccella

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