Other Desert Cities, In Lancaster City

On February 7 the Elizabethtown College Theatre Department took a trip to the Fulton Theatre to view the production of Other Desert Cities, a five-time Tony nominated play and finalist for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. These classes were asked to read the play prior to watching it.

Other Desert Cities is a family drama production that is about an author who returns home to her family after seven years, but she is coming back with some news that her family does not want to hear. After “pulling the skeletons out of the closet,” the family from Palm Beach has a very important decision to make.

Kate Galvin, director of Other Desert Cities, visited with Etown students after the production. When asked what the most challenging aspect of directing this production was, Kate said “The show is very dense and there’s a lot of information within, actually getting a handle on what happened to this family and figuring out how to portray it was very difficult.”

Etown College has a track record of visiting the Fulton Theatre, located in downtown Lancaster. “Visiting the Fulton Theatre allows us to get out of Etown and broaden our horizons, especially when it comes to learning about and watching Theatre,” said Dan Bednarik, a junior at Etown. “Watching a play and reading a play are two different things. Being able to watch a play come to life at the Fulton Theatre is a feeling like no other,” said Brandon Wissler, a sophomore at Etown.

Fulton Theatre’s production of Other Desert Cities will continue to run through March 6 in their fourth- floor studio.

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