Students exercise their right to vote

Young Americans for Liberty, a political club on campus, held a voter’s registration event in Hoover 110 on Wednesday February for all students who are eligible to vote. Along with YAL, the Political Science department also helped sponsor the event. In total, around twenty people were in attendance, including faculty from the Political Science department.
The voting registration event was around two hours long. Students in attendance needed the allotted time to obtain and fill out all the information needed to register. President of YAL, Jenn Feagley, said, “this is the first time a voting registration event has been done at the college, and it went well. Jenn was also asked about what she thought of the turnout of students, she said, “any number of students that came out would have been great. So around twenty people is a solid number.”
The event was originally suppose to be held in Hoover 212, but due to a Student Senate meeting that was already taking place in the room, the Political Science department moved the event to the M&M Mars Room in Leffler Chapel. Once everybody knew where the registration was taking place, students started filling out voter applications.
Dr. Kopko and Dr. Fletcher McClellan, the faculty members who were present from the Political Science department, helped students who had any problems registering. Some students in attendance had trouble with gathering evidence some of the information needed to fill out the applications. Therefore, some students had to save the information they already filled out, and finish the application after the event.
Members of YAL who were present were very proud of the turnout and results of the events. Kyle Schuaffer, Vice President of YAL, said, “voting is a very important thing. Everyone who came out is exercising their right to vote, and it’s a good thing to see.” When the event was over, light refreshments were served to both students and faculty in attendance.
One of the main goals of YAL is to encourage political activism on Etown’s campus. Jenn commentated on the topic of political activism by saying “it’s a daunting subject to talk about if you don’t know how to do discuss it.”
` YAL is Etown’s most known political group on campus, and the main officers of the club are very active in holding weekly. Along with the voting registration event that YAL sponsored, the club is meeting weekly to discuss the main points of the upcoming presidential election, which is right around the corner.

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