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How popular are the ads compared to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 51 was played last night to an average of 48.8 rating and 72 share according to Nielsen ratings.
Super Bowl 51 was played last night to an average of 48.8 rating and 72 share according to Nielsen ratings.

On Sunday February 5 , the Super Bowl was viewed by 70 percent of the country according to In-between all the balls passed, the touchdowns, and halftime show, commercials were shown to sell their products to the viewers of the game.

According to, 111.9 million people in the U.S. watched the Super Bowl last year, and each year more and more commercials are added to showcase the company’s’ different ways of persuading us over to their side. After looking around different articles about “Best Super Bowl commercials”, these few stuck out due to the year and views on each video.

Older viewers of the Super Bowl might remember the Bub Bowl ads or even Apple’s first commercial back in 1984, while the newer generation recognize Volkswagen’s “The Force” and the Ebates baby commercials. Volkswagen and Ebates have a total views of 87 million on YouTube where the first Bud Bowl and Apple’s first commercial only have a combined view total of 888,000

With the advent of the internet, the newer the generation the more views older and more modern ads receive. While viewing, four out of the ten ads listed were ones made for Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl contest with views ranging from 28 million to 56 million views on YouTube.

This year commercials had a tougher time to be sell their products due to each 30 second commercial costing $5 million. Most if not all the commercials were longer than 30 seconds, so companies were shelling out $5+ million just to get us to buy their products. The ads that stand out to the media sources after the game are the ones that tell stories in them (not counting movie trailers due to them having a story in a two hour film.) and gets us connected to the people in them.

When talking to a someone who know little about football, but loves to watch the big game for the excitement of the event and the commercials that come with it a few questions pop up, such as, which commercials do you remember the most, what makes a good commercial to you, why do you enjoy the commercials and what commercial was the best this year?

Alison Parsons, a sophomore at Elizabethtown College was the only person to respond to these questions out of the three people asked. When asked about what makes a good commercial Alison said “A good commercial must be unique and positively focused. I also like commercials that have a family friendly humor that makes them memorable.” Out of all the ads shown last night she lists the Buick-Pee Wee Football, Honda- Yearbook of celebrities, Bai-Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken, and Mr. Clean-Cleaner of your dreams as the ones she remembers the most. With different people enjoying different ads Alison enjoys them because “They’re creative and display humor that makes me chuckle.”

That wraps up the Super Bowl. Here’s hoping more ads make an impact next year.

Elizabethtown women’s finish second and men’s finish 9th at Desales Invitational


Elizabethtown men’s and women’s Cross Country competed in a meet at Desales University on Saturday, October 8. Elizabethtown had a good showing with the men finishing 9th out of 38 schools and the woman finishing second out of 35 schools.

Dickenson was the first place team and the Jaryd Flank was the first place runner from Muhlenberg College. Flank ran a 25:34 race at a speedy pace of 5:09 per mile.

For the women’s, Dickenson was also the first place team and Jamie Pacilio was the first place runner from Muhlenberg College. She ran a 22:01 minute race at an average pace of 5:54 per mile.

Elizabethtown men’s finished with senior Keegan McDonough who placed 18th, senior Andrew Lesko placed 43rd, freshmen Samuel Gerstenbacher placed 45th, junior Tom Fitzgerald placed 58th, senior Nate Liebsch placed 64th, freshmen Ryan Rippeon placed 65th, and freshmen Liam Coverdale placed 81st. This race was good for 9th place in the meet.

“It was a brutal course,” said Fitzgerald. “but our guys trained, and ran hard. We gave it all we had.” Desales course had many hills which made it slightly more challenging than other meets. Elizabethtown uses this race to prepare for future events.

For the Elizabethtown women’s team; senior Casey Quinto placed 5th, junior Brenna Mcnamee placed sixth, junior Maria Anderson placed 15th, junior Kelsey Brady placed 22nd, sophomore Colleen Kernan placed 26th, senior Elizabeth Wedekind placed 35th, senior Brianna Earnshaw placed 38th. This was good for second out of 35 teams in the meet.


“The hills made it a difficult course to run,” Earshaw stated. “Training for this race was certainly a little different compare to other meets, but it was a fun meet to be a part of.”

Elizabethtown’s next meet for men’s and woman’s is on October, 29 against the other teams in the Landmark Conference to defend their Landmark championship. After that, on November, 12 the Blue Jays will be racing for the regional championship.

“We entered this meet [Desales Invitational] because this is where the regionals will be on November 12th,” stated head cross country coach Brian Falk. “I wanted our team to get a feel for the course and be ready for when we go after the regional championship in order to qualify for the NCAA National meet.”

Detroit Trumps Eagles to maintain Division Lead


Last weekend the Philadelphia Eagles played against the Detroit Lions. The final score of the games was 23-24 Detroit. The Lions started the game strong and were up 14-0 after the first quarter. On their first two drives the Lions scored two touchdowns and the Eagles defense had no answer.

After coming into the game undefeated, many had the Philadelphia Eagles winning their Week 5 matchup against Detroit. The Lions only had one win on the season, but they came out of the gates like they were the undefeated team.

“It was hard to watch the first quarter but the Eagles started to come back in the second and third,” John Angelucci II said, an Eagles season ticket holder for three generations.

In the fourth quarter the Eagles offense fumbled and the Lions defense recovered the ball. “If the Eagles hadn’t fumbled the ball they would have won the game,” John Angelucci Sr. said

“The Eagles played a great game after the first quarter” said Mike Angelucci. The Eagles will hopefully win the game this coming Sunday Oct. 16th at 1p.m. against the Washington Redskins.

Howell United women’s soccer defeats Pinelanders for the second time this season


Saturday’s divisional game against Howell Pinelanders at Oak Glen Field felt like déjà vu for Howell United women’s soccer team. This game marked United’s second victory of the season over Pinelanders, who are currently ranked third in Howell Club’s advanced division bracket.

United proved to be the faster, stronger and more skilled team on the field early on in the game. With a total of six senior players and a 2015 All-American Elite Player of the Year, Mackenzie Bryant, on the team, United had no trouble racking up victories this season.

“We might have had an edge on them,” United Assistant Coach Mark Stavar noted in regards to Pinelanders, who recently acquired a new head coach, Steve Eisenstein.

Former Pinelanders Coach Steve Schwering stepped down two games into the season for medical reasons. Eisenstein, who has only been with the team for two weeks, was wary coming into Saturday’s game to play against United.

“They’re a tough team to beat, that’s for sure,” Eisenstein said.

Within the first five minutes of the game, junior Michelle Hodges received a pass from fellow junior and twin sister Jen Hodges and sunk a goal on Pinelanders. The Hodge twins barely gave visiting goalkeeper Joanna D’Vella a chance to breathe. Less than 15 minutes later, the duo had already set up and taken three more shots on goal.

Throughout the duration of the first half, United’s offense kept constant pressure on Pinelanders with a total of seven shots on goal. United pushed to a 2-0 lead after senior Nicole Foley delivered a seamless pass to sophomore Cierra Klien, resulting in a clean goal.

With just two minutes and thirty seconds left in the half, Pinelanders’ Justine Miller took a shot on United goalkeeper Haley Ferman and scored, bringing the final score for the first half up to 2-1.

As soon as the whistle blew marking the second half of the game, both teams were ready to take on their opponents once again. Things got a little rough for United when key player Michelle Hodges took a penalty kick to the forehead, knocking her to the ground. She was escorted off of the field to sit out for the rest of the game. It was later determined that she sustained a slight concussion from the collision.

By the end of the second half, United’s Bryant had scored three more goals and Pinelanders received one goal from rookie Meghan Thomas, bringing the overall game score to 5-2 and marking United’s third straight win in four games this season.

“Overall, they played really well. These girls have a lot of talent and they work together really well,” United Head Coach Gene DiPasquale said.

United will return to action at Oak Glen Field on Saturday, Oct. 15 when they take on major rival Jackson Memorial at 1 p.m.


Souderton Indians poach the Tennent Panthers in a 20-38 game

Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, the William Tennent High School Panthers went head-to-head with the Souderton Area Senior High School Indians at the William Tennent Alumni Stadium for the William Tennent homecoming match-up.
“If we play the way we need to play we should be able to finish the game strong,” Taylor Hession, senior middle linebacker for the Tennent Panthers said when asked how he thinks they’d play on Friday. “I feel prepared,” Hession added.
Junior wide receiver, Drew Gresley, agreed, and added; “I hope we play the whole game strong.”
In the first few minutes of play, the Souderton Indians scored the first touchdown and achieved the extra point, but this did not deter the Panthers, as they scored a touchdown and extra point with five minutes remaining in the first quarter. From this moment on the student, players moved the line of scrimmage back and forth up and down the field.
The second quarter began with Panther’s number 11 player down, only a minute into the play. This player, Dan Collier, is removed from the field and the Indians took the lead once more with another touchdown and an extra point, with only six minutes remaining in the second quarter.
Refusing to give in, the Panther’s player, Ryan Savage, broke away from the scrimmage formation and took the ball to the end zone, causing the Tennent stands to erupt in screams and applause.
By the end of the first half, the score is 13-21 with Souderton leading by eight points. The game continues with more fumbled passes and plenty of tackles as the Indians carry the lead to the end of the fourth quarter, leaving the game at a wounding 20-38.
“As a team, they need to play better together…trust one another and help each other out more,” Jim Rittinger, Special Teams Coordinator, Defensive Back and Wide Receiver Coach said after the game. “As far as a coaching staff, we hope that we’re doing the best that we can to show them what they need to do,” Rittinger added when asked about the team’s performance.
The Panther’s next game will be against Pennridge High School on Oct. 14, 2016. This will be an away game and it will also begin at 7:00 p.m.

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