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The Blue Jays Men’s Baseball team were defeated by the Penn State Harrisburg Lions in the eighth inning on Saturday at their home opener of the season.

The stands were packed on the first warm Saturday in quite some time. The previously scheduled games had been postponed due to rain, so the large attendance came as no surprise “I had plans to go to the other games, but at least the weather is nice today for the game” said first- year Emily Webb.  

The game started off slow, with a 0-0 score through to the top of the fourth inning until a hit by number 19, Casey Winters, for Harrisburg made the score 1-0.

The Blue Jays did not back down holding out until the bottom of the ninth when sophomore number 33, Derek Manning, hit a double sending junior number 10, Taggart Hess, home; tying up the score.

The game would not stay tied for long, Manning would help the Jays take the lead, making the score 2-1 Blue Jays.

However, the Jays were not able to hold on to the lead for much longer, and by the top of the ninth, the Lions took over the lead and the win scoring two hits back to back making the final score 3-2.

Post-game, players were optimistic about the future. Senior Nick Lorenz said,  “The loss was disappointing, but it was a good team effort for the most part.” The pitching for the game overall by players Anthony Lippy, Jared Witner and Kelly Holdren, but the hitting left something to be desired.  “We were missing the final piece” said Lorenz.

Colin Slenker had similar remarks, “We had good pitching performance. We are better at the plate,” he said.  

Even with the loss, the team remains strongly bonded. Sophomore Tommy Armstrong, who is out for season with a knee injury said, “They are my brothers. We are brothers from another mother.” Armstrong was also disappointed by the overall loss, but sees that there will be hitting improvements in the future.

The Blue Jays are still early in the season. Continued hitting practice will grow the team and should lead to improvement. Then the hitting game will line up with the good pitching performance.

A beautiful day for baseball!

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C. Thompson Scores Hundredth Goal in Loss to Marymount

Senior Carly Thompson, center,  runs down the field during Elizabethtown College’s recent women’s lacrosse game against Marymount University.

The highest jersey number on the Elizabethtown College women’s lacrosse team is 99, but senior Carly Thompson can go higher. Thompson scored her hundredth career goal Wednesday, Feb. 28 at Wolf Field as the women’s lacrosse team lost to Marymount University 18-13.

Thompson’s goal came with 14:34 left in the first half and tied the game at four points each. She didn’t know it was her hundredth goal at the time, but enjoyed the moment nonetheless.

“It was cool. It was shocking,” Thompson said after the game.

Thompson knew she was close to 100 goals at the end of last season, but became more focused on recovering than scoring after tearing her ACL last year. Now she is intent on playing as much and as well as she can during her final season.

“I was so proud of Carly,” senior Katie Thompson, C. Thompson’s twin sister and fellow lacrosse player, said in an email. “Reaching 100 goals isn’t just about this season, it’s a milestone for her entire career.”

The game started off on a good note (literally) as a blue sweatshirt-clad dog in the audience whined along to the national anthem, making some of the few dozen attendees laugh.

The laughing stopped as the game remained close in the first half. Marymount was first to score, with senior Abby Wescott scoring against Etown junior goalie Abby Kopytko under two minutes in. Wescott also scored her hundredth goal in Wednesday’s game. C. Thompson scored thirteen seconds later in the first half, tying it at one each.

No team led by more than two points in the half. Other early Etown scorers included first-years Emily Garvin and Kate Ziegler and junior Madelyn Baker, who finished with one, four and three goals, respectively.

A few falls and penalties on both sides and vocal teams and spectators also marked the first half. One Marymount parent loudly encouraged a player who fell to “stay on [her] feet” and “be athletic!”. Marymount junior Jessica Crew scored the last goal of the half, bringing Marymount up eight to seven.

“It’s a really close game. There are definitely some high tensions out there,” sophomore spectator Megan White said at halftime.

The game remained close until partway through the second half, when the Saints pulled away for good. Wescott’s hundredth career goal, scored with 21 minutes remaining, brought Marymount up 11-8. Ziegler scored the game’s last goal with 5:36 left. After that the Saints maintained their lead, leaving the final score Marymount 18, Etown 13.

Etown is now 1-2 for the season. Marymount left the game undefeated at 3-0. Etown outshot Marymount 36-22 and Kopytko had three saves.

“We watched the film and have come up with a million things to improve from the Marymount game,” K. Thompson said. Still, she said she is proud of how well the first-years played.

“Honestly, I would have taken a win instead of an announcement about the goal but that’s okay,” C. Thompson said.

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Etown women’s lacrosse loses 18-13 against Marymount

Etown women’s lacrosse team plan strategies during a timeout.

Senior attack Carly Thompson scored her 100th career goal during the Feb. 28 game against Marymount University; on the opposing team, senior attack Abby Wescott also scored her 100th career goal.

“It started to pick up our momentum as a team and was a huge success for her personally since she was injured for the majority of her junior year season,” first-year midfielder Kate Ziegler stated in an email about Thompson’s 100th goal.

In the first half, Etown began with the ball after the first draw, but Marymount scored the first point of the game. Thompson and junior attack Madelyn Baker each scored two goals after a streak of Marymount goals. Both sides called time outs in quick succession about halfway through the first half.

Close to the end of the first half, Etown senior defense Courtney Shaffer was flagged with just minutes left. With only five minutes left, Marymount’s team suffered two two-minute penalties for juniors Kelly Campbell, attack, and Alex Delgado, defense.

Many players fell for one reason or another during the first half, so much that it prompted an official from the sidelines to yell, “Stay on your feet!”

In the last few minutes of the first half, Etown first-year attack and midfielder Lexie Sharp switched out with Baker. At the end of the first half, Marymount was in the lead 8-7.

“We came from behind and took the lead to show that we were willing to fight, even though unfortunately we did not end up on top in the end,” Ziegler said.

After halftime, Ziegler scored two goals. About halfway through, Marymount called another timeout, Etown quickly following suit.

With 10 minutes left, sophomore attack Mirthe Berends had a two-minute penalty, quickly followed by two two-minute penalties for senior midfielder Katie Thompson. Close to the end of the game, Carly Thompson also got a two-minute penalty. Marymount junior attack Jessica Crew had a very painful-looking fall in the second half.

Etown lost the game 18-13, though it was very close throughout most of the game.

“I think we did play well together,” Carly Thompson said after the game. “I think that we wasted some time when we shouldn’t have, but I think that it’s just a learning experience.”

She was not too worried by the loss, stating “This wasn’t a Conference game, so everything is awesome.”

Ziegler stated that being on a collegiate team is exciting, saying, “I can’t wait for what the rest of this season and the next 3 seasons hold for our team!”

Listen to a brief podcast with senior attack Carly Thompson:




Challenging Spring Break for the Blue Jays

Men’s lacrosse locker room.

The Elizabethtown College men’s lacrosse team competed in a trio of games, going 1-2, against Shenandoah University, Christopher Newport University (CNU) and Lynchburg College over spring break. I, Alex Klipple, play midfield from Elizabethtown and reported the story.

Against the Shenandoah Hornets (3-4), the Elizabethtown Blue Jays (3-2) defense were ready to fight and held the Hornets scoreless for two quarters of play. With their strong defensive play, the Blue Jays left Wolf Field with a 9-5 win to move to 3-0 on the season. The game marked a significant milestone. The Blue Jays moved to 3-0 for just the second time in program history and freshman attack Cody Richter scored his first two career goals.

“It felt amazing seeing the ball hit the back of the net for the first time,” Richter said. “I have to give credit to the man-up unit. We were able to quickly move the ball around the perimeter to give me a wide open step-down.”

For their next game, the Blue Jays jumped on a charter bus and traveled to Newport News to face the 20th-ranked CNU Captains (6-0). The Blue Jays came out firing and shot to a 3-1 lead at the end of the first quarter. However, the Captains were able to score crucial man-up goals in the fourth and barely escape with an 8-7 win. Junior goalie Jack Myers had exceptional saves throughout the game, ending with a total of 14 (five of which came in the fourth quarter).

“It hurts,” Myers said. “We were up the whole game, but just weren’t able to hold on for the W. But, this shows that we’re able to compete with these nationally ranked teams. We just have to execute the little things.”

The final game was against another tough opponent; the Lynchburg Hornets (2-4). The Hornets are a well-established program who were the National Runner-ups in 2015. All four of the Hornets losses this year have come at the hands of teams ranked in the top 15 of the USILA National Poll. Their experience showed and the Hornets jumped to a 11-2 lead at the end of the first half. The Blue Jays were unable to overcome such a large deficit with a final score of 21-7 in favor of the Hornets. One of the few highlights of the day was sophomore midfield Alex Filbert scoring his first career goal. This was the first meeting between the Blue Jays and the Hornets. Etown’s head coach Chris Perzinski is a 2008 Lynchburg alum.

“We aren’t supposed to be playing our best lacrosse in March, but this is definitely a step back,” Perzinski said. “This team needed some scars. But one thing is certain. We will learn and get better from this experience. There is no other option.”

The Blue Jays tough non-conference schedule continues this Saturday at 1 p.m. when they play at 13th ranked Franklin and Marshall University. The F&M Diplomats (4-1) are coming off an overtime victory over 6th ranked Cortland University.

Etown Lacrosse: 100th goal for Carly Thompson

Senior Carly Thompson celebrated after scoring her 100th goal of her career following Marymount’s defeat February 28. Thompson was not aware that she achieved this accomplishment, “I honestly had no idea,” Thompson said, “It was pretty cool.”

It was a beautiful evening for a game. The crowd was cheering for each respectable team.

Thomson brought the game to a tie at 1:46 during the first half with each team having one goal. At 22:03 the Saints had the lead with the score being 4-1.

Thompson’s 100th goal brought the teams back to a tie at 4-4.

Madelyn Baker scored shortly after that, giving Elizabethtown the lead for the first time since the game started. Baker scored again three and a half minutes later bringing their score up to 6-4.

The crowd showed their support, hoping the team could keep the lead.

Liah Agouras of the Saint’s scored her first goal of the season bring their score back up to 6-5. With Backer’s help, Etown tied the game again with the score being 6-6.

Kirstin Quilty, a senior lacrosse player, admits that it’s been sad playing knowing that it is her last season.  “Playing lacrosse has had a huge impact on my experience here. It has helped me to be more cognizant of my time management. I also think that it has helped me to be a hard worker as well as take criticism well. I also think that playing lacrosse has helped me live a healthier lifestyle,” Quilty said, “To incoming players, I would like them to know that there will be ups and downs always but in the end, it is completely worth it. Make a goal every day to make a memory.”

Right before half time, the Saint’s scored two more goals making the half time score 8-7.

The second half of the game started, and Marymount scored three goals before Katie Thompson, Ziegler and Thomason added three more goals for Etown bring the game to yet another tie.

With yet another tie, the crowd cheered endlessly giving the players words of encouragement.

Jess Pron, an Etown student attending the game, commented on how intense the game was.

“They’re doing pretty good, the season just started, and I think they have a lot in them,” Pron said.

The Saint’s called a timeout and after which they scored six consecutive goals making the score 17-11. Thompson scored again with only 6:35 left to go. Bridgette Stacom from Marymount followed with her own score, continuing the Saint’s six-point lead.

Thomson ended up with a team high of scoring six points during the game. Backer had a hat trick.

This is Thompson’s last season as she is a senior for Etown. When asked what advice she would give to rising freshman, Thompson said, “Play like it’s your last season every season.”

“I think we did play well together and were taking strides forward,” Thompson said, “Everything is a lesson.”

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