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FIFA 18 Review

FIFA 18, was just released on September 27th, and has the whole gaming world ecstatic.  FIFA 18 is the newest professional soccer video game, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, on the cover.

FIFA is a professional soccer video game in which you can choose from many different teams to play against friends or people online. Gamers get to controller the soccer players as if they were actually playing as them. Gamers get to also control the strategies of the game such as formations, substitutions, and coaching.

FIFA 17 was an exciting game because it introduced, The Journey. This was a groundbreaking story mode feature, in which you get to be the player Alex Hunter. This is when the gamer gets to be in the shoes of Alex Hunter and help him get into the professional soccer league. You start from the beginning as a low skilled player who works his way up to playing professional soccer. FIFA 17 provided for future games with their new details of stadiums, players, and lighting.

FIFA 18 builds off of FIFA 17, in which they continue The Journey with Alex Hunter. But now, “Hunter Returns”, and is trying to play with the best players and be the most competitive. Having a video game look like and act like a real soccer game makes it more fun to play.

FIFA 18 is more than just The Journey, when gamers can play multiplayer with their friends, or even online with total strangers and compete. The new graphics make the players look even more realistic than ever.

There are some issues with the game, however, when playing the game there are some very unrealistic attributes to it, such as attacking the ball on offense seems to be the stronger point in the game compared to defense. It is very easy for a player to dribble the ball from one side of the field to the other without being stopped. This in real life would not be very realistic because it is very hard to dribble anywhere before being met by a defender forcing you to pass the ball. On the other side, defense is almost impossible when it is so hard to stay in front of your opponent. The offensive player almost seems to be faster and quicker than the defender.

Since defending the ball is so difficult, it is very easy to score and therefore scores are unrealistically high. FIFA 18 has added many new attacking features and shots that make it very easy to score. Long range shots are also very easy to orchestrate along with new dribbling features that help great players get past defenders very easily.

FIFA 18 has brought new features, details and moves to bring more success to the player. It is a great stimulating game in which the players look very realistic and introduce a very exciting game play. However, the attack mode is too strong compared to the defensive side of the game, which makes the game almost unrealistic. It is way too easy for players to score, pass and dribble around their defender and too difficult to stop that player.

This game was very enjoyable because it was very exciting and fun to play. Competing against friends is always a great time for gamers. Low scoring games are boring and frustrating when you lose a game 1-0. High scoring games make the game more interesting and competitive because players are trying to score as much as they can against their opponent as their opponent does the same. Although high scoring soccer games are not very realistic it makes the player enjoy the game more because who does not like to score. Celebrations make up for one of the most fun things to do in the game. After scoring a goal against your opponent it is great to rub it in their face as your player dances with his teammates in excitement from scoring a great goal. There are many different combinations on your controller to make an unique celebrations with your teammates after every goal your score.

Overall I would rate FIFA 18 better than FIFA 17 because of the entertainment and how exciting it is to play. The graphics and details of the players are much better and there are many more options like continuing The Journey with Alex Hunter. Scoring makes the game more fun and it is much easier to do so in this game. I am glad I bought this game and play it very often with my friends. I recommend to anyone who is a big soccer gamer or just a sports video game fan to go grab the new FIFA 18. FIFA 18 will have you and your friends glued to the television playing against each other for hours.



Gameplay from FIFA 18

For adolescents, mental health matters

High school is an ephemeral yet integral phase of life for adolescents. While balancing homework, studies, jobs, volunteer hours, extra-curriculars and college applications, they also forge identities and discover who the are. It’s a time period that psychologist G. Stanley Hall referred to as “Sturm und Drang,” translated from German to mean “storm and stress.” This stretch of time can be a strain on the mental health of students. Some may require more attention and assistance than others, as according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five children between the ages of 13 and 18 have, or will have, a serious mental illness. That’s not to mention students who will struggle due to the existential stresses of having to plan for life in the workforce before they can vote. Schools should take action and treat the cause, not the symptoms, by incorporating mental wellness curriculums for students.

For students to recognize they may suffer from mental illness, they have to understand mental illness. While topics such as suicide and eating disorders could be considered too sensitive to handle in the classroom, saving lives outweighs the cost of making a few teachers or students a little uncomfortable. Current estimates by the Association for Children’s Mental Health show that in children ages six through 17, as many as 80 percent do not receive adequate mental health care. Part of that percentage may be explained by students not knowing where to turn. Research by the Born This Way Foundation noted that young people are “unaware whether they have access to many of the resources that would support their mental health or believe they do not have access to them.” This lack of access is simply not the case. Nowadays, there are a number of websites dedicated solely to adolescent mental health, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests a continual rise in the market for school psychologists. Students need to be told that these resources are available, and that they aren’t alone. What better place to do that than in a school?

It goes without saying that understanding and de-stigmatizing mental health greatly benefit the lives of adolescents. A study of the Mental Health Matters curriculum, one of many pre-packaged mental wellness programs for middle school English courses, found the program was “successful in increasing participants’ knowledge of mental-health illnesses and decreasing associated stigmas.” Understanding, some may say, is the first step in the path to de-stigmatizing. The American Institutes for Research surveyed various school districts offering varying levels of mental health curricula. One district in Washoe, NV, offered suicide prevention programs that resulted in 63 percent of screened students receiving further assessment by the school or community for mental health needs. Imagine that–63% of students at this school needed help, and they received it. It’s incredible what such a small program could do. Now, take that concept and multiply it. Think of schools across the nation helping large numbers of students with all sorts of mental wellness issues. Think of how many lives could be positively impacted by adding mental health education to high schools.

Studies have found a positive correlation between the happiness of students and grades. In essence, happier students earn higher grades. Happiness here is defined as “an overall sense that one’s life has meaning,” according to Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert. Meanwhile, people struggling with illnesses such as depression feel the opposite—that one’s life has no meaning. According the correlation, this means students struggling with mental health issues will earn lower grades than students who are relatively happy. It is unfair to keep students from growing academically just because of a mental health issue. Therefore, schools should try to nip the problem at the bud by offering education in mental wellness. If students understand their struggles, and know they can reach out instead of hiding their woes, they can grow and come to terms with themselves.

Schools need to implement mental wellness education. It’s not a suggestion—it’s an order. Adolescents are struggling with depression, self-harm, anxiety, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts and actions. It’s unfair to leave them in the darkness. Schools have a responsibility to help students develop and be their best selves. Students can’t improve without knowing they are not alone, and that they can get help. If people don’t talk about mental health, then people aren’t going to get any better.

Walking Dead Season 8


The Walking Dead has built its strong fan base from shocking main character deaths, gruesome events, and storylines that every viewer can get invested in.  On October, 22; season eight of the Walking Dead made its debut.  

The first episode title “Mercy” was extremely confusing.  The show didn’t open with its usual 90 minutes running time for a season opener, but only for one hour.  The show starts with multiple time lapses which confuse the viewer for the whole hour.  However, the show does open strong with the amount of action that was provided.  With a scene of the two main characters of season eight, Rick Grimes (the protagonist) and Neegan (the antagonist), yelling to each other while guns are pointed right at them.  The ending of the episode left viewers terrified.  With a recent fan favorite being trapped with the most terrifying villain that the show has seen yet.  Overall this episode gets a 6.5/10.

The second episode titled “The Damned” brings the show back from its season opener.  The only concern with the episode was figuring out how much time has passed between the episode one and episode two.  It can take the viewer a long time to realize exactly how much time has passed.  It also doesn’t explain what happens from the end of the first episode.  This episode also had many strong points.  The good guys take the fight to the Saviors.  They attack three separate compounds and light up the Saviors.  This episode holds strong for many reasons.  The first strong point of this episode is the viewers get to see exactly how smart these characters are.  With strategic military strikes and intense emotion this episode brings the season up a notch.  Fan favorite, Morgan, shows exactly what he’s made of, and fans get a little glimpse of him from the time when he was able to kill.  We see multiple characters bite the dust in the span of a few minutes because after all this season is about a war.  Finally an old character returns to the show seemingly out of nowhere.  Overall I would give this episode a rating of 8.5/10.  

The third episode titled “Monsters” test the groups morality.  With the war still raging between the four groups multiple characters are faced with losing themselves to win.  The episode focuses on a group from the Kingdom and their leader Ezekiel.  The Kingdom tries to keep the momentum going as they take the war to the Saviors.  Meanwhile the Hilltop has multiple problems to contend with.  Faced with a traitor and prisoners of war puts the leadership of Maggie to the test.  Lastly Rick and Daryl must face their past and if their means justifies the end.  The title of this episode, “Monster”, truly stands up to its name.  The viewer truly gets to see what war does to a person.  During this episode you almost forget who the good guys are.  This episode tears at the heart a little bit with multiple characters losing themselves and others.  Overall I would give this episode a rating of about 9/10.  

So far this season of the Walking Dead has thrown viewers through some expected and unexpected loops.  Fans have many mixed reactions from the show, both positive and negative.  I would give this season’s rating so far at a solid 8/10.  The show can easily get stronger by tying in some loose ends and giving the viewers what they expected from the comics, and they have started doing this.  Each episode gets better, but some viewers still want some loose ends tied up.  Hopefully by the end of the season the show will give the viewers the comic book feeling that they want.     


Walking Dead

Why Zoos Should Be Banned

Most everyone has that fond memory of going to the zoo for the first time as a young child and seeing all the exotic animals that they thought you could see on the Discovery Channel or in a book. When you were young, you don’t see the stress in the tiger’s eyes or the pain in the elephant’s’ legs. You don’t think about what goes on behind the scenes, how they’re treated, their lack of space, or the effects captivity has on them.

Zoos have been around since 3500 BC Egypt. They were originally menageries that symbolized royal wealth, and power. The modern-day zoo began appeared in London, Dublin, and Paris in the 19th Century. Their focus was to educate and entertain the public.

After learning about wild animals, most schools would organize a trip to the zoo as a little fun and educational treat for the children. But is it educational? Some will argue that going to the zoo is a good way of studying animals in their natural habitat and having the information on the signs right in front of you. In one study of visitors in Washington DC, showed the visitors spent less than eight seconds at the snake exhibit and one minute at the lion exhibit. “People treat the exhibit like wallpaper.” The visitors look at each display looking for entertainment, rather than enlightenment.

The animals are stuck in enclosures that are barely the size of the first floor of a middle-class house. That might sound big when you’re a human, but its minuscule when you’re an animal that needs an entire jungle or desert to roam around in. The lions and tigers that are in captivity, have 18,000 times less space than they would if they were in their intended habitat. Polar bears have almost one million times less space they need. Elephants are especially affected because in the wild, they migrate about 50 miles a day. While in captivity, they aren’t able roam around as much as they’re supposed to and end up with many physical 2008, there was a government funded study in the UK that discovered a welfare concern for every elephant in the country. 75 percent of the elephants were overweight, only 16% of them could talk normally and African elephants lived three times longer in the wild than in captivity. 54% of them experience a lot of behavior problems.

Physical problems aren’t the only thing that these animals endure. Psycological problems take a major toll on them. Depression is the most common. The depression can be triggered by many factors, the harassment they receive from visitors, they’re lacking in food variety, their need to mate is unmet, or when particularly social animals are forced in solitary encloses, only to name a few. Stereotypy, repetitive movements are often caused by boredom or confinement, is extremely common. Pacing, circling, rocking, excessive licking, self-mutilation, neck twisting and trunk swinging are some examples.

One huge fact that many people are not aware of is that the animals get killed when there is a surplus. If a zoo is over capacity, they are encouraged to kill the unwanted animals. The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria revealed that between 3002 to 5000 animals are killed across Europe alone. In 2014, a healthy giraffe named Marius was killed at Copenhagen Zoo from over capacity, that sparked global outrage. The incident was caused worldwide speculation on the wellbeing of zoo animals and influenced some zoo workers to admit that thousands of healthy animals are killed each year. One of the most famous and controversial, zoo killings was the killing of 17-year-old gorilla, Harambe. A child fell into his enclose. The screams from the visitors aggravated and disoriented him, which caused Harambe to roughly push and throw the child around. Zoo keepers feared for the child’s life and shot the gorilla to end the attack. Some people blame the parents of the child for not watching him and making sure he wouldn’t crawl into the animal’s cage, while others blame the nature of the animal.

Zoos don’t care about the animals anymore; they care about the money they can make off them. The wellbeing of these animals is the last thing that zoo owners and workers care about. Some zoos promote their animal conservation efforts, but there is almost no evidence of this happening. Less than one percent of any zoo species are part of any serious conservation effort. The money goes toward improving the look or expansion of the zoos themselves rather than the animal’s enclosures. Only $0.05 per visitor can be traced to conservation efforts. Dr. Paul O’ Donoghue a geneticist with the Aspinall Foundation stated, “many animals are inbred and have little integrity and no conservation value.”

Going to the zoo is a great way to spend the day with your family but is it worth having all this suffering go along with it? Going to the zoo doesn’t benefit the visitors or the animals. There’s no educational purpose, its costly and it forces animals out of there natural habitats to just sit there miserably in an unhealthy environment.

Easy tips for how to give a tour

How many schools did you apply to? How many tours did you go on? Do you remember that one tour guide, that one tour guide that stood out?

Before the tour even begins, understand that attitude makes the difference. Every tour has the potential to be a favorite. When looking over the schedule and information for the upcoming tour, find one thing that you are excited about such as where they are from, their major or something as simple as an interesting name.

First impressions are everything. Make sure the prospective student sees a mature, responsible and friendly representative of the student population.

“Dress professionally and conservatively because the way we look affects the image of the school,” said senior Jaywalker, Suzanne Harer.

Dressing professionally is important, but only if it’s combined with the amazing attitude can someone expect a phenomenal first impression.

“Never hurts to wear a smile,” said junior, student supervisor, Cheryl Erichetti.

Past the first impression, a tour guide must be prepared to answer anything and everything. A sure-fire way to make sure you know your stuff before going out on tour is to read over the informational binder and make sure to read all emails form the admissions staff informing you of new updates on campus.

Now the tour has begun. It is important to keep up the friendly and positive attitude while with the family. Make sure to ask the family about themselves and get to know them a little better. Getting to know the family also helps avoid those unwanted, awkward silences which could happen all too often on an hour long tour. Most guides have some go to questions to fill the gaps.

“How did you find Etown? What got you interested in this major? What clubs or organizations are you involved in?” suggested sophomore Jaywalker, Delaney Klepper.

“I like to ask about what their goals are after graduation,” said sophomore Jaywalker, Allison Plotts.

While it is important to have some small talk, do not let it get away from you. Remember that giving the information is the most important part of a tour. Having too much small talk and at the same time having so much information to tell can get a guide behind schedule and the schedule is important!

Tours are scheduled for an hour and often times the tours have different meetings following them. In order to respect the time of the family as well as the other staff members trying to make the experience the best they can for the student make sure you are watching the clock. Wearing a watch is a great decision so that you can constantly have the time and avoid pulling out a phone.

Once the tour is finished make sure to share contact information and get the student any other information they may be looking for. Never leave a family wondering!

Check off all these points and you will have the makings for a fantastic tour. This is not to say these points are all a Jaywalker should do but they set one up for the best tour yet.

Remember that one tour guide? You can be that tour guide for someone else!

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