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Elizabethtown Community Cupboard


Elizabethtown’s Community Cupboard is moving in with other Elizabethtown social services into the Community Place on Washington. In this new space, they will have more room for inventory, and for the customers to browse when they come.

“We’re a local food pantry and we cover the Elizabethtown, Rheems and Bainbridge zip codes. We are now part of the local social services building. It’s called the community place on Washington. So we are in the bottom level, we have the bottom level for our food bank and upstairs is ECHOS, Etown community Care, Elizabethtown HUB, among a few other places.”

Customers choose their foods based on the Choose My Plate pamphlet, a guide to a healthy diet according to the US department of agriculture. The Community Cupboard provides fruits, grains, vegetables, juices, proteins, as well as a variety of hygiene related items.

“He made us a huge donation box that’s outside, it’s accessible 24 hours a day, and it’s located right outside of our building. We accept cans and we accept boxed foods, anything non-perishable, and it has to be non-glass. So that’s open 24 hours and people can donate.”

The Community Cupboard of Elizabethtown and Melissa plan on bringing in educational cooking classes to help citizens be more frugal with their spending.

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Ferlinghetti Exhibit

Elizabethtown College is showcasing the works of American cultural icon Lawrence Ferlinghetti from October 20th to November 18th.

His artwork is on display in Lyet Gallery, while his poems are available in the Bowers Writers House. The display includes more than 20 art works ranging from 1954 – 2011 and is curated by Professor Jesse Waters, Professor Milt Friedly and George Krevsky, ’62.

Milton Friedly, Director of Hess and Lyet Galleries speaks about the legacy of Ferlinghetti:

“I think one of the biggest influences is that he wrote poetry that was understandable, for one thing.

It was very direct so that anyone could pick it up. You didn’t have to be a scholar, you didn’t have to know a lot about poetry or writing, but you could pick it up and relate to it. And it was about American culture, but the work was very universal.”

The college even hosted a film showing in Steinmann Hall of the documentary “Lawrence Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder” by filmmaker and Ferlinghetti’s longtime friend Christopher Felver.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (on the phone): “He’s been working on that film for many, many years.”

Anyone interested in more fine arts can check the Bowers Writers House for upcoming events.

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Humans of Etown (Story 3) – Brice Ryschon


Listen to Brice’s Interview here:


(Colin): “So what is your biggest struggle right now?”

(Brice): “I’d have to say my biggest struggle is time management because I have so much stuff to do with my Junior work, I have a lot of homework to do, a lot of projects and presentations that I have to do. I also have two jobs here on campus, one of them is a student patrol officer for campus security, as well as being a Jay Walker for the Admissions Office, and so it’s just like I have so much to do and I’m also a drag queen on top of all of that so I have people who are asking me to come to these gigs, and all that kind of stuff, going to clubs and all that kind of stuff, so I had my first gig on Wednesday night, so it was a lot a lot of fun but just a lot of work to do.”

(Colin): “Alright cool, uh thank you!”

(Brice): “Oh that’s everything?”

(Michael): “There’s another question there Colin.”

(Colin): “And then, uh, how have you been enjoying your college experience?”

(Brice): “I’ve been loving my college experience, here at Etown. It’s just been very very interesting seeing how everything has been, um, what’s the word I want to think of, um… Coming about, I’m not sure how else to explain them, because there’s just been a lot of different things that have been occurring here on this campus, um that have really helped me grow as a person. Um, the people I’ve met, the events that have occurred, just everything on this campus has just changed me as a person, so I’ve really enjoyed the experience.”

(Colin): “Okay, thank you.”

(Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania)

Michael Wong & Colin Friel

Humans of Etown (Story 4) – Abby Sanders

Abby Sanders, Class of 2018, Occupational Therapy & Psychology Major
Abby Sanders, Class of 2018, Occupational Therapy & Psychology Major

     “Hi, can you tell us your name, major, and year?”

     “My name is Abby Sanders and I’m a junior Occupational Therapy and Psychology Major here at Elizabethtown College. I’m currently a Residential Assistant in Myer Residence.”

    ” What is your fondest moment as an RA in Etown?”

     “My fondest moment as an RA would’ve been last year. It was the Sunday before exams last year and I was on duty, and I was hanging out with my friend who was the other RA on the floor below me. I went up to my room and one of the guys from the second floor came up and was like: “You need to go downstairs.” He starts running pretty much, and so I get down there and I just walk into this crowd of people and there’s one guy on the ground and he’s bleeding from his arms. All I could think was, “did someone try killing themselves?” It was in the hallway, and after a second I looked up and saw that the window was broken. It had one bar in the middle. He and his friend were racing down the hallway and he tripped and went into the window and hit the bar. So he didn’t go through, but he hit the bar and fell back inside. A bunch of people was applying pressure onto his cut up bleeding body. He fell back onto glass… and that was bad. There was one guy yelling: “Call campo! Call campo!” and he was NOT calling campo, ironically. So Jason, my RA friend called campo and said, “We’re gonna need an ambulance.” And campo said “Are you sure?” Campo obviously wanted to know the details, like how much is a lot, what the scene is like, etc. They called the ambulance and people were really freaked out though. People were asking “Is he okay?” The guy who was bleeding was talking to his one friend and said: “go get me some clothes! My white shirt!” I thought: “You’re bleeding everywhere. You don’t want to bring a white shirt with you. That’s a bad idea.” They got him out of there, and we had to call environmental services to clean up the blood on the floor.” We then made everyone else clean themselves if they touched the blood and talked to everyone who saw what happened to make sure they were okay. It’s pretty traumatic, especially if it was your friend. You’d just want to make sure they were okay. By the time it was all done, it was probably 3 AM, and I had to write a report about what happened. So that took me an hour and that took my to 4 AM ish when I finally went to sleep.”

Humans of Etown (Story 2) – Maria Giamba

Watch the video interview with Maria here:


Colin: “What is your greatest struggle right now?”

Maria: “I think if I’m being honest, financially is my biggest struggle. I’m taking summer classes, things like that. I can only work so much. So I would say that’s my biggest struggle right now.”

Colin: “Have you been enjoying your college experience so far?”

Maria: “Yeah, it’s been good. I’ve learned some things, I’ve met some really great people.”

(Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania)

Maria Giamba, Class of 2020, Occupational Therapy Major

Michael Wong & Colin Friel