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Mad Cow Improv, An Elizabethtown College Experience


The Elizabethtown College Campus has its very own, student run, improv group. the improv group goes by the name of Mad Cow.

Mad Cow prides themselves on being a family oriented improv group that is fun for all ages.

To get ready for their shows the group holds rehearsals. Here they play games to hone their improvisation skills. Two of the games in particular are called half-time and levels.

“so my favorite game is Half-Time, and i really like it because it’s very fast paced. I get to scream and be really loud. And just do pretty much whatever you wanna do.”

Mad Cow holds audition once every fall semester for those who think they have what it takes to be a part of the group. Auditions are quite simple. After learning the basics of improv, auditionees are placed in games with members and all you do is try your best.

“So I joined Mad Cow because I really wanted to be a part of something and to do something fun on my free time.”

Mad Cow performs multiple shows throughout the year. Some of the shoes include: Improv your pants off, The After Dark Show, and the Mad Cow Charity Show.

“All shows for Mad Cow are free admission. The upcoming shows are December 7th and November 30th, for those that are interested.”

Most performances are held within Gibble Auditorium, located in Esbenshade Hall inside the Master’s Center. Some shows are held off campus as well.

The club gives an opportunity to develop skill in public performance and quick thinking. While also improving interpersonal relationships.

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Afternoon Tea: Study Abroad Reflection

Elizabethtown College held Afternoon Tea, a study abroad event where students could share their study abroad experience. Located in the Blue Bean Cafe, students were introduced to a bit of English culture.

Scones, biscuits, and tea covered a table for students and faculty to enjoy. English classics like clotted cream and jam were also among the choices.

This event allowed students to give their opinion on the impact of culture on them overseas.

“I think everyone should study abroad because its definitely an optimistic experience. Starting from getting to know a different culture to making yourself more independent,” said Afsarah Mirza.

The overall goal of this event was to try and showcase the experience to those who may be on the fence about going so far away.

Even those who hadn’t studied abroad in England specifically, gave their two cents on their time overseas.

“When I was New Zealand we took a trip, me and two friends took a trip to the north island and we traveled around for about a week, bouncing around from the hot spots and staying in hostels,” said Liz Driver.

The event was quite successful in its own right. It was complete with fellowship and curiosity from all those involved.  The event itself even got me curious about British culture and what it had to offer.

“To drive home the importance of culture, more than three-hundred languages are spoken within England,” said Cam Wirth.

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Humans of Etown: Joey Kobus

“My long term goal and career aspirations are to be the most charismatic and persuasive person I can possibly be.”

If you’ve ever been on campus, you have probably heard someone, somewhere, yell “Joey Kobus!” The reason that this could be heard around campus, is due to the fact that Kobus may be one of the nicest people that one person could meet. He has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone, all they would have to do is ask. Many students on campus are quite fond of Kobus and his infectious personality.

Joseph Kobus is a rising junior at Elizabethtown College, who is originally from Collegeville, PA where he lives with his mother Kim, and younger brother Hunter. Kobus would describe himself as “A dashingly handsome Political Science and Japanese double Major.”

Kobus plans on applying for the Japanese Exchange Teaching Program (JET), where he will be teaching English to Japanese children for a year or two. He also plans on pursuing a career as a lobbyist.

“I needed a small school that offered Japanese but that left me with very limited options. Etown was the best of the three options.” said Kobus. “I like the atmosphere  here at Elizabethtown and the nature the campus has to offer.” He also loves the faculty and students. “My favorite memory of Etown is TGIS this year.”

His three favorite things in the world are Corgi’s, Kendrick Lamar, and Kim, his mom. “I am a momma’s boy through and through.” His hobbies become quite clear when one enters his dorm. Kendrick Lamar and Rap posters cover the wall closest to his bed. As far as Corgi’s are concerned, in Kobus’s mind, there is not a better looking dog. In his down time, Kobus can usually be found scrolling through near endless photos of Corgi’s.

Joey Kobus is a charismatic, fun loving Poli-Sci/Japanese double major  who livens up the Elizabethtown College campus each and every way he can. Next time you see Kobus, my fellow students, be sure to say hello.


Leggings: A Misconception

If leggings or jeggings were pants, do you know what they would be called? Pants. Leggings have become socially accepted as pants, so many people consider them just that.

“Leggings and jeggings are not pants. People try to make them into pants  – you can’t! A pant is a pant and a jegging is a schmatta,” said Adam Glassman, Creative Director for Oprah Magazine.

For those unaware or stuck within the false reality where a nylon-lycra blend is a garment, leggings are not pants or even close to being considered such. Although the definition of pants, according to Webster is “an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle,” this still does not justify that leggings or jeggings are pants. Leggings are a covering, yes, but fall into a category all their own. Pants and Leggings are two separate entities. If leggings and jeggings are pants, then frozen yogurt is ice cream and camels are horses.

Leggings aren’t even the worst of it. Their offspring, jeggings, is the true conundrum. For jeggings in particular there is even less of an argument. Jeggings are designed to look like jeans. Yes, you read that correctly, designed to look like jeans. Jeans are pants, thus making jeggings an impostor.

If jeggings are pants and we then continue following this form of logic, having the famous Van Go

gh painting “Starry Night” printed on your nylon leg covers makes it the one and only masterpiece.

On the contrary however, the other side to the argument is clear and has some valid points as to why one would chose to believe that leggings are pants. Emily Grunsby, resident of Allenwood, Pennsylvania believes that leggings are considered pants but can see why some would say otherwise. “They’re not something I would wear to a job, but going shopping or going running around I’d wear them.” said Grunsby.

In brief, leggings are not pants and neither are jeggings, though they may be seen as such. They are a category of their own.  Hopefully this may have brought you out of your abysmal nylon-lycra fantasy world, and shed some light on this issue. It’s up to you as the reader to decide where you stand.


Pants or Something else?
Pants or Something else?

’02 Cannons Fire Away at FC Revolution Celtic

02’ Cannons Fire Away at FC Revolution Celtic

The ‘02 Cannons played off against the FC Revolution Celtic’s in a hard fought battle to kick off the State Cup at Lewisburg Area High School.

Hayden DuRussell, left midfielder for the ‘02 Cannons, was confident going into the game that the team was going to walk away with the win. “We’ve played well at practice. Since we are coming off a championship, I do believe we are ready.” DuRussell said.

The ‘02 Cannons are going into the season with 17 players on the roster and FC Revolution Celtic will go into the season with 16 players on the roster

The action was off to an early start when FC Revolution’s Andrew Johnson sunk a low, driven shot into the corner of the net to put Revolution ahead, 1-0, approximately six minutes into the first half.

With possession being mostly in favor of FC Revolution, the Cannons were frantic for the equalizer. Closing out the first half, James Cumberbatch of the ‘02 Cannons rocketed a shot into the top right corner of the net, giving the Cannons the goal they were looking for.

From the start of the second half, it was clear that the ‘02 Cannons got the halftime speech they needed. Jackson Temple scored two back-to-back goals to put the Cannon’s up 3-1. It was a hard fought game with many exhilarating moments, however, Jacksons two goals were enough to grasp the victory for the ‘02 Cannons.

“Our biggest strength for the season is our defense and our leadership, I believe it showed today.” ‘02 Cannons head coach Shawn Temple. Going into the next game, Temple stated that not much was going to be different for the Cannons’ second game of the season. The team needs to continue to develop. Development is what he really wants to focus on.

“The ‘02 Cannons are a team that is focused on development. Kim Palmatier, fan and mother to a player on the team states “The team’s biggest strength is their coach. The coaching that he gives them off the field mostly, at practice he’s [Shawn Temple] a wonderful coach. It’s more about coaching for him than winning games.”

In their next game the ‘02 Cannons will be facing off against ENCO Red ‘02 on the 9th of April in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.