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Volunteer opportunities

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There are many different types of volunteer opportunities offered. There are even events held on campus, service trips, and mentoring programs. Some examples of campus events are: Into the Streets and Into the Campus. Both are service days in which students participate in projects on and outside of campus.  Service trips are offered to all students and take place in many different areas. “The college also offers mentoring programs, such as Moving Forward and Building Bridges.  In these programs Etown students connect with other high students within the area.” For students requiring financial aid, work study is offered. These students complete service projects in return for financial support. There are also opportunities through academics. Community based learning is an example of this.  Communications major Mikenna Lehane talks about the benefits of getting involved.

“I think volunteering is important because it’s a great way to give back to the community to help and others. I have done a number of activities in the past, like helping out with the keystone blood center and helping lobotomists on the floor while people were donating.” Lehane said.

Volunteering may also help future employment. Students can put these experiences on their resume or grad school applications and use them as interview topics. Volunteering also gives them skills, such as leadership, that can be applied to any job.  Student Assistant for the Center of Community and Civic Engagement, Emily Barber, tells us about the importance of volunteer work.

“I think that students should volunteer because it really gives an awesome opportunity to grow in yourself and help other’s I think it’s important to meet other people an interact with the greater community,” Barber said.

Students can find more information about volunteer opportunities on the Community for civic engagement webpage. There are also posters about upcoming events hanging in the BSC.  In Elizabethtown, Jamie Verrekia, wetown. org



Study Abroad

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Studying abroad is an option for all students. They can study abroad at any point, besides there first semester. The most popular time to study abroad is during one’s junior year. There are also options for the amount of time spent abroad. Students usually go for a semester, but there are also short-term programs. Some examples of short- term programs are: summer or winter break sessions and faculty led trips.  There are many options for places to travel, such as Italy, Ireland, and England.

“Studying abroad counts toward a signature learning experience.”

Study abroad advisor, Megan Bell, talks about the benefits of studying abroad.

“I think it’s important for students to study abroad to experience a new culture and live within that culture, to learn about its people, its traditions and its celebrations. To gain an appreciation and understanding for people that are different than them. To gain respect and empathy for people who might not be like them,” Bell said.

While abroad, students take classes from the local university and immerse themselves in the culture. Students can also intern or volunteer abroad.

Senior, Shaye DiPasquale talks about her experience abroad Italy.

“I studied abroad in Florence Italy because my families originally from Naples Italy and I wanted to see if the culture I grew up with was similar or different to actual Italian culture. So, when I was actually over there and immersed in that culture I was actually pretty surprised how different they were,” DiPasquale said.

The experience may also benefit career opportunities. Students can put the experience on their resume. They can also talk about their experience in job interviews.

To learn more about these opportunities information is available on the study abroad website. Students can also stop by the study abroad office located in Nicarry 117. Information sessions and fairs are held throughout the semester.  At Elizabethtown College, Jamie Verrekia, Wetown. org

Humans of Etown: Shaelah Best


“I came to Etown hoping to broaden my horizons and grow being a minority. And it is. But I should’ve went somewhere else. Anyway I have made some pretty great friends and although I get followed in the school store I have people that I can vent about it to. I hope that one day things will change.”

Humans of Etown: Mikenna Lehane


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“So, the reason why I wanted to come to Etown is, first all I had an older sister who graduated last year. And through the visits of coming to see Mckayla, I come to kind of be familiar with the campus and the community, so that also played a part in it. Another reason why I wanted to come to Etown, was it offered me my major, communications. I really like the department. I think it exposes students to a wide range of different elements within the major they want to pursue. I want to be a journalist, so that exposes me to writing for the Etowian, which I do. It is helping me grow as a person and be more confident. I’m doing the radio show. I have worked with the tv studio and all those different elements. I have gotten better knowledge about how all that stuff works. I just really love that this is such a tight knit community and campus. It has just been amazing and I love all the memories I have made so far and the memories that have yet to come”


Humans of Etown: Jennifer Beihoff


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Introducing Jen

Jennifer Beihoff is a first-year early education major at Elizabethtown College. She is from Garden City, N.Y. She played volleyball and lacrosse in high school. Along with athletics she participated in extracurricular activities like, the Spanish Honor Society. “I honestly do not know what my life would be like without being constantly “on the go”, Beihoff said.  When she began looking for a college, both athletics and academic programs were important considerations.  “I knew once I came to campus that E-town was the school for me” Beihoff said. Here at Etown she is part of both the volleyball and a lacrosse teams.

Challenges Faced

Being a student athlete can create a few challenges. For example, managing your time between school and practices and games can be difficult. Although, Beihoff doesn’t feel that this is much of a challenge for her. “I think that the busier that I am the better I perform in school” Beihoff said. She has also been involved in athletics for many years now that she believes that time management has become second nature to her. She does have trouble finding time for herself to have fun and go out. Since, she is involved in two sports, she doesn’t really have time off. The only real time off is in the winter. Even then, she still is training and preparing for the upcoming season. “My friends will always ask me to do fun things like go to the outlets or to Market Street and I usually have to tell them I am too busy.” Beihoff said.

Being part of a team

Although, being a student athlete can have its challenges there are also some perks.  “My favorite part about being on the lacrosse team here at E-town is that we are truly one big family.” Beihoff said. With Etown being such a small school, you really get to know everyone. Sports teams can further extend the sense of community.  “I know that at any given moment I could turn to any one of my teammates and they would be more than willing to help me with just about anything.” Beihoff said.

The team’s overall season

Jen plays goalie for the lacrosse team. The team is having a great season, with a current record of 11-2.   She also plays on the outside position for volleyball. The team is facing a tough season, with a current record of 7-22.