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Elizabethtown Thanksgiving

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This may seem like chaos at other colleges, but for Etown, this is home. Here the lines wrap around the Brossman Commons where students wait in line to take family style group photos. No matter your major, year, or what you’re doing, this is the place to be. Even if you’re stuck posing for a little longer than necessary.

Miranda Fedor, class of 2021, had many positive things to say about this Thanksgiving tradition. ” So my favorite thing about coming to the Thanksgiving dinner is just the feel of it. I feel it is just very relaxed, because normally when we are eating dinner, it’s like ‘okay now we have to go do stuff’ right after instead of just enjoying it. There is going to be good food and it kinda just gets me ready for the break coming up. It’s just a good dinner.”

In addition, students are served by faculty, staff members including some of their friends from catering.

From, this is Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams wishing you all a happy holidays.

Elizabethtown Bias Incidents

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“So we’ve definitely had quite a few incidents and anything more than zero incidences too many.”

“This year we had an incident in one of our residence halls where a transgender student was targeted and that population has been the target of several incidents in the past,” the Coordinator of Multicultural Programs’ Stepf Diaz said.

“The whiteboards in Schlosser were vandalized with racial slurs and it was one of those things whereas like this wasn’t in the brochure, you know, this is something that we don’t talk about. So it’s just something to think about. And more recently I know there was an incident where, um, this semester someone on campus on social media talked about how out and about in the town they had been barked at,” says Delaney Dammeyer, an Elizabethtown Junior Anthropology major.

“One of the biggest things honestly is the fact that students realize that bias incidents and just the negative feelings that they were having on campus could be made better by having a space to themselves. So because of those incidents, you know, we were able to open the mosaic.” Diaz said.

This is the Mosaic House. Here they have a pool table, a lounge, and a kitchen towards the back. They even have an upstairs space for students; but it’s more than just a space that students can have their fun and free time, it is also a safe space.

“As an office, we’re working together to get a bias response team together and actually create protocol because we haven’t had protocols in the past, so you know, we have rules for how to report other things, but it seems like when there’s a bias incident, everybody’s sort of up in the air about what exactly is the next step.” Diaz ends.

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The “Humans” of Etown: Meet Sushi and Snickers

Sushi is a mixed Maine Coon therapy cat that not only resides in Founders, but in the hearts of its residents. Maine Coons are known for their big and carrying nature, but Sushi is something special. She enjoys sleeping on her owner’s face and napping her day away.

When Sushi is not participating in her much needed cat naps, she can be found traversing her domain in the evening. Such activities include grooming her long luxurious fur, biting her owners until they feed her and causing havoc in whatever way she can. Her favorite form of trouble making is hiding and refusing to come when called, which generally causes her owners to scramble in panic in fear of her somehow escaping the room.

During an interview with Sushi, her curious nature shined through as she began to wonder off in search of a mysterious sound. Yet, Sushi is not the only four legged resident of Founders.


Snickers waiting for her owners to feed her after knocking a box down.
Snickers waiting for her owners to feed her after knocking a box down.

Snickers, Sushi’s cat neighbor from down the hall, also is a favored spirit in founders. Snickers was the first cat resident of the floor that year. Having been adopted from an elderly woman, Snickers is more laid back than her energetic counterpart.

Where Sushi has a playful aura about her at all times, Snickers makes her presence know by “chirping”. It is unknown why she does so, but her owner knows that her vocality is her way of wanting attention: something that she wants often. When Snickers is not begging to be pet, she is known to be a cat with a sly mischievousness to her. She has a habit of knocking things down with such meticulous skill, that nothing is safe from her. At times this can be a nuisance to her owners, but even then it is something that brightens their day.

When she is playing around, she can be found grooming herself almost obsessively without fail. The only time she is not grooming is when she is begging for food or sleeping. Snickers’ sleeping habits include sleeping on her owner, sleeping while waiting for her owner to return, and sometimes sleeping belly up.

Although both cats have their own little family within their owners, they enjoy broadening their horizons by making new friends whenever and wherever they go.

“Meow, meow, (chirping),” said Snickers. One can only assume she was saying to visit them anytime.

Snickers chirping and meowing
Snickers chirping and meowing

Humans of Etown: Henry Golden

Group: Pleasant Sprinkle-Williams, Kim Morris, and Lauren Poland

-Video transcript-

Pleasant: What is your name?

Henry: Henry Golden

Pleasant: What is your major?

Henry: Mechanical Engineering.

Pleasant: What is your favorite class this semester?

Henry: I would have to go with construction of engineering.

Pleasant: What do you do for free time?

Henry: Free time, I usually play video games and hang out with friends.

Pleasant: Any favorite video game?

Henry: Not any in particular.

Pleasant: Do you have any extra hobbies that you do?

Henry: I play the electric bass.

Pleasant: Nice! What got you interested in the bass?

Henry: Well my brother used to play and he went off the college a couple of years before I did. So, I saw it laying around and figured, “Why let it sit there and gather dust.”
Pleasant: Nice. Thank you.


Death Cab for Cutie “Kintsugi” Album Review

The latest album released by Death Cab for Cutie, “Kintsugi”, is an album with eleven songs that each  tell the journey of a brokenhearted man trying to repair himself over time.

Death Cab for Cutie are known for their emotionally touching messages that are expressed in every album they release, but even their album name holds a hidden meaning. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold. In relation to the songs on the album, like “Black Sun” or “Hold No Guns”, listeners can hear the lead singer, Benjamin “Ben” Gibbard, as shards of dried clay, slowly but surely being put back together.

Towards the beginning of the album is “The Ghost of Beverly Drive”. This fairly quick tempoed song starts with “If only you’d knew me before the accident”, which lays out the entirety of the album. Although the song references the famous Beverly Drive Tour Bus that travels to landmarked deaths on Beverly Drive, Gibbard sings a disturbing light hearted songs about him going back to where his relationship ended. This self inflicted torture carries on to the second song on the album, “Little Wanderer”, where listener learn that his girlfriend was such an avid traveler that to Gibbard, it felt like she wanted to be anywhere but with him. The repetitive guitar riffs and the slowly growing bass within the background keep listeners on the verge of tears.

Towards the middle of the album, there is a shift that can be felt not only in the melody, but also the lyrics. In “Everything’s Ceiling”, the entirety of the song consist of Gibbard gradually coming to the realization that no matter what he does, the love between him and his ex is only one-sided now on his part.

By the eighth song, the lyrics shift towards forgiveness and him overcoming what he was put through in the relationship. With the use of soft guitar riffs and a steady drum, the overwhelming emotions experienced earlier in the album are cleansed and a new hope replaces despair.

Death Cab for Cutie has yet to let down their fans and after experiencing Kintsugi, because one can only experience such beauty, they are not stopping throwing out hit after hit. Sadly, with the indie rock group being on tour, there is a chance the next album will not be released until 2018. They are scheduled to perform May 5 in Birmingham, Alabama.